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Just One Drop From The Finger of God! — 6 Comments

  1. thank you God for hearing our prayers….
    thank you for hearing my own prayers for restoration of my own life and bloodline IN THE NAME OF JESUS FROM Nasareth

    • I had a vision of two golden tables melting together a year ago
      the tables were in the structure of the top of Africa around the Suez canal….
      it melt tigether into its other but I saw a clear line like a wound and was wondering what is hapenning….
      then the line disolve and a golden cross come up straight from the line wuth golden showers of fluid like the River of Life in Revelations 22

  2. God has not caused the virus it is the enemy. We have allowed it by our fear. God is going to overturn it the prophetic consensus says at Passover – the angel of death and the blood of the Passover lamb. A prophecy Tracy Cooke has a dream which will tell you more.

  3. Good morning from the US. Question. No doubt that God has allowed the virus in China and the US because of the blood shed with the use of abortions. But what do you think about Italy? Do they have a similar record? The Vatican being in Italy? Thoughts?

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