Let The Comforter Teach


We’ve muddled up a lot of things and made some of this journey, harder than it should be.  Growing up in the church, as a young person with the Holy Ghost, I must say, that I was confused by some things.

It was written that Jesus said, “My yoke is easy, and My burden is light.”  (Matthew 11:30).  Never before, did we say out loud, that some of the rules and regulations placed upon us, were heavy to carry. It cost us so many good people.

Much is more simple than we have made it.  Let’s say, that you are in a classroom, where the teacher is giving a lesson.  How could you possibly learn anything, if you are not listening?

They might give you directions on how to do certain things, but if you are not paying attention, or choose not to follow instructions, you fail.  You won’t make the grade.  You could not possibly teach others about a particular subject, because you did not learn the material yourself.

Before He left, Jesus told those that followed Him, that He would not leave them comfortless.  He informed them, that the Father would send this comforter, in His name.  We must stop at this very point and develop a deeper and more recent understanding.

This Comforter, was the Holy Ghost; and what was the Holy Ghost going to do?  Teach.

This Spirit, would lead and guide.  How could we ever be led into all truth, if we did not follow Him; at all times.

Back in the early days of the church here, the people were not afraid of false prophets, or false anything else.  The Spirit that did dwell within each of them, could discern for themselves; if it was of God, or not.

And that was from the platform, even to the back door.  Basically, the entire body of those believers that had been filled with His Spirit, knew within moments, whether something said was either out of order, or not of the scriptures.  Yes, the Holy Ghost could teach us through someone else; that was biblical too.  But not, if that person was not following after the Spirit themselves.

These men of Christ, were told that this same Holy Ghost, would bring back to their memory, all they had been taught.  It was clear, that during His ministry here, they were told not to worry about what they needed to say.  The Spirit, would direct them.  And the Spirit, would be the one to give an answer.

We must always bring to our own remembrance, that we are only vessels. Vessels, that were chosen and set aside; only for the purpose of doing His will.  Anointed and equipped, to carry out His plans, and His work only.

The Holy Ghost cannot teach us, if we are so involved in following someone else.

Those seeking daily, to follow the Spirit, will teach others the necessity of being led by the Spirit also.  The gifts were spread through the body; no one, had all the answers.  God could use whomever He chose to use.

Liberty in the church, allowed each of us to learn, and to grow with others of like spirit.  This was and is, Christ’s church.

We should always strive to follow Him; not go the route of carnal man.

The Holy Ghost is teaching, right now.  It matters not where you are, as long as you are in class with Him.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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