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Let Your Voice Be Heard! — 4 Comments

  1. Dear Sandi, just the other day I was talking to The LORD about ‘comfort zones’; for the past few weeks I have been feeling an uncomfortableness that comes from being moved out of those zones. But atlas! Courage and Trust! Thank you for providing this revelation! Much love to you dear sister! ❤️Gabrielle

    • Dear Gabrielle, It is such a confirmation to me that if only one person would respond to the word of the Lord, it indeed accomplishes what and why HE spoke and said…LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD. As a carrier of His word, I know you can fully understand the depth of that truth. What I cannot see, someone else does see and we all fit together as ONE. God bless you as you continue to flow with HIM and release the beauty of His heart and never ending love for HIS people. Sandi

  2. Wonderful encouraging Word, Sandi! I fully receive. Fixing try read again for 3rd time
    I love you my sis and friend. ❤️

    • I am blessed to call you my friend, dear Joyce. We have truly been placed here in this hour to enocourage and hold up the hands that hang down!!! Love you and bless you, Sandi

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