Losses in the Physical and Spiritual


BELOVED, anytime you begin to lose blood in the physical, no matter how trivial the accident may seem, you must be very careful: because it is an indicator of loss of virtues in the spiritual realm.  VIRTUES ARE THE GOOD THINGS GOD PLACED IN YOUR LIFE TO HELP YOU FULFILL YOUR DIVINE DESTINY HERE ON EARTH.  Unfortunately, for many people, their virtues have all been collected and they are now living a ‘bare’ and barren life on earth.  All they can remember is the great person they used to be, the sharp person they once were, the favored person they used to be, the blessed person they were before.  Or else, they keep on dreaming of a greatness that will never arrive. This must not be you.

VIRTUE COLLECTORS ARE THE WORST THIEVES THIS WORLD HAS EVER HAD.  For they steal what cannot be physically recovered and by so doing have reduced the lives of many people into a mere loaf of bread: good for nothing.  Virtue collectors have turned graduates with honors to become hawkers on the streets.  They have turned professors into paupers.  They have made powerful and great musicians to sit down and watch those who use their virtues rise into stardom.  You must be careful, and follow what I am saying very well.  It does not make it any trivial that you lost the blood through any channel in the dream.  It is all the same thing: virtue collection.

Virtue collectors have reduced great footballers into screen coaches.  They have turned famous actors into paupers and movie addicts.  Mighty academicians have been reduced to confused characters because of these virtue collectors.  Skilled men who are great with their hands have been made to languish in poverty because of virtue collectors.  If you can remember a time when you once were ‘great’ but are not anymore, then I suggest that you consider that you have been visited by virtue collectors, of course besides personal negligence.  These powers are able to establish spiritual taps on those who were formerly physically injured and bleeding.  Never mind that the wound healed: the real matter is now in the spirit realm where these taps are used to collect from them for years, until the day they will be severed.  Yes, it is that bad.

Virtue collectors have made millionaire businessmen to go from riches to rags.  You must know that finances are virtues.  VIRTUE IS POWER, ANY POWER THAT HELPS YOU TO FULFILL YOUR DESTINY.  These collectors have transferred billions from the rightful owners into the wrong hands.  SOME PEOPLE WHO ARE BILLIONAIRES ARE ACTUALLY USING WHAT IS YOURS.  These virtue thieves have collected the marriages of many people and handed them to others.  That is why some of you cannot get married.  They have stolen children that some of you should have had.  That is why some cannot conceive.  You see, everything begins in the realm of the spirit and once something is stolen from you spiritually, it follows that you will also lose physically, unless you pray very hard.  If you pray and you see in the dream that they are returning your clothes, your good things and so on, you must know that they are bringing back your virtues.

The Lord Jesus said that Satan comes to steal, to kill and to destroy.  Yet almost everyone of you who are reading this has never seen Satan come to steal from you physically.  You must understand who Satan is: a spiritual thief; but once he has collected from you, if you do not immediately pray, you will likewise lose in the physical.  THAT IS WHY IT IS DANGEROUS TO LOSE ANYTHING IN THE DREAM AND STILL BE RELAXED.  You will regret it.  As you are reading this, I do not know how many things you can remember that you have lost.  I do not know the glory of your life that they brought you down from, but what I know is that you can recover today.  The Lord said to David of his loss, pursue them for you shall surely overtake them and recover all.

That is what I have come to tell you today.  YOU MUST PURSUE THE POWER THAT HAS STOLEN FROM YOU.  Don’t just say, ‘Oh well…’.  Some of the people whom you envy in your family and workplace who are doing so well may be using your virtues to prosper.  I have prayed with many people to recover their virtues and the transformation was immediate, because once you recover it spiritually, you must physically recover.  Any power that has stolen from you must be arrested today.  That Devil that took away the glory of your life must put it back.  From today, you must begin to shine again.

We are in a season where GOD WILL CAUSE MANY OF YOU WHO ARE READING THIS TO RECOVER EVERY GOOD THING THEY TOOK AWAY FROM YOU.  He will seal every loophole of ‘small accidents’ they have been using to collect your blood.  He will restore your life to an even greater glory.  He will change the story in your workplace, in your marriage, in your business, and in your academics.  The Kingdom of God is not a cheap kingdom, no; it is all about bringing you back to your rightful position, taking back what belongs to you.  I see you beginning to shine once again, and rising into becoming a great person once again.

The Word of God declares that there is hope for a tree, that if it is cut, yet when it comes into the scent of water it shall sprout again.  That is what the Holy Ghost is about to do in your life.  HE IS ABOUT TO MAKE YOU LIVE AGAIN.  You must know that with God you are a prince, and a princess.  Virtue collectors are they who will make a prince to walk on feet and a pauper to ride on horses.  You will be walking on your feet or driving a cheap car while the one using your virtues is riding in the most expensive car money can buy.  That is why you must pray very hard.  Virtue collectors will reduce you to sleep in a four walled house while those to whom they are handed over are living in palatial houses.  THE DAY YOU BEGIN TO COLLECT YOUR VIRTUES, YOU WILL DISCOVER THAT THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN USING THEM WILL BEGIN TO FALL.  Many people have had their destinies reduced to rags, but if I be a man of God, your story will change today.

There are many people who are sure that their lives are supposed to be great, but they will never make it into that greatness, because of virtue collectors.  You may have been prophesied to a very great future, which you have not seen for years.  Those who should be healthy and strong are exchanged to be sickly and weak, and the lives those who should have lived are exchanged with those who should have died.  These are the results of the works of virtue collectors.  People who are or have been sexually loose must know that they opened the door for their virtues to be stolen.

When you have sexual relations with someone who is not your spouse, either fornication, or adultery, you have just opened up the door for Satan to steal your virtues.  You must not wonder why your life began to go down shortly after that.  You opened the door yourself: and that is why God says, ‘Don’t do it.’  He knows that Satan will use it against you to rob you empty.  I have personally prayed with many to recover their virtues, but they did not know that their sexual partners were stealing from them.  ALL PROSTITUTES ARE SATANIC AGENTS, WHETHER THEY KNOW IT OR NOT.  Because Samson was not watchful, his glory and life were cut short way in advance through the agency of one Delilah.

It is no joke beloved.  What many call ‘sexual freedom’ as Satan has lied to them and made them believe is actually a cleverly disguised stealing plan by the enemy for them.  IF YOU HAD SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE, OR AFTER WITH ANOTHER, YOU HAVE BEEN STOLEN FROM, and the only way you will recover is through serious prayers made over you.  I see God arresting satanic emissaries on your behalf, but you must likewise repent and keep yourself pure, for while one was used to steal from you, you were likewise used to steal from them.  Yep, no escape; Satan was using you too.  Doesn’t sound like fun now, does it?  That is why you must follow the commandments.  No one gets away with sexual immorality: no one.  You will lose everything if you entertain this, if you haven’t had that happen to you already.

I could go on and on on this subject, for it is vast and wide.  For I have not mentioned that the reason why many people’s troubles began at birth is because that is the point at which their virtues were stolen: infancy.  YOU MUST KNOW WHO IS TAKING CARE OF YOUR CHILDREN WHEN YOU ARE AWAY, for many virtues of those who were grown up now, and achieving nothing, were stolen back then when they were still growing up.  Parents, you must be serious, lest you find yourselves left with ‘cabbages’ while you were busy chasing after money.  You must cover your children daily with the blood of Jesus.


Any power that said you will never make it is a liar; every thief who has been used to collect from your life is arrested today.   It is written in the Word that if a thief is caught, he must give back 7-fold.

I therefore command every spiritual thief that stole from you to return back seven-fold in your life.


I command your finances and skills to be restored.

I command your job and position to be given back.


Any good thing that was collected from your life, today is the day, it must come back by fire, in the name of Jesus!

I declare every spiritual tap that is used to siphon virtues from your life to break by fire, in the name of Jesus!


COME ON NOW, RECEIVE IT ALL, and let me see your major AMEN, in Jesus name!


~ Apostle Paul A Williams

Apostle Paul A WwilliamsApostle Paul A Williams




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  1. Amazing I receive and declare healing and deliverance in the name of Jesus and in the Name of Jesus I take back every good thing the devil has stole from me!