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  1. “on your MOST HOLY faith building yourselves up, in the Holy Spirit praying. Jude 1:20

    Jude says the most Holy faith is when many are one accord in the Spirit, and are lead by the Spirit (not by their own wishes) in the same direction.
    The ‘most holy faith’ is one shared revelation of God’s Will. One mind.
    One can not be one mind and in one accord and walking in the same revelation if one speaks and builds up ‘self’ with speaking in tounges that no one but one self understands therefore the verse (still) says nothing about ‘tounges’.

    next verse says: “Keep yourselves (remain, abide) in the love of God”

    To keep ourselves in the love of God is the same thing as to walk in perfect obedience and to be in the center of His Will, because only the one who does the Will of God is in His love. And for to do His will one must have a revelation of His will so one can do it. That revelation comes with a hearing of His voice.
    When many do this THEN they are in the “most Holy” faith and walks in revelation knowledge, but it has still no connection with speaking ‘mysteries’ in tounges because when I witness to my brother about what God says to me he must understand what I say.
    If he walks in the same ‘most holy faith’ he can also confirm it to me with a revelation and I must understand what he says.
    If he does not speak the same language as me the Holy Spirit can speak through me in his language and prophecy to him.  Therefore can only an interpreted ‘tounge’ build up the Body of Christ.

    “except ye utter by the tongue words EASY TO BE UNDERSTOOD how shall it be known what is spoken? for ye shall speak into the air. 1 Cor.14:9

    “Therefore if I know not the meaning of the voice, I shall be unto him that speaketh a barbarian (unknown), and he that speaketh shall be a barbarian (unknown) unto me 1 Cor.14:11

    Strong’s Greek Number 915: barbarian, barbaros – bar’-bar-os of uncertain derivation; a foreigner (unknown)

    “Verily I say to you, I have not known you. Matt 25:12

    With the hope that these posts will bless and increase the knowledge.

  2. Also this verse must be correctly understood because it has nothing to do with speaking in tounges.

    “with unspeakable yearnings and groanings too deep for utterance,” Romans 8:26.
    “the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings(4726) which cannot be uttered. Rom 8:26 KJV

    Unspakable. Can not be uttered. He speaks not, he makes it.

    Strong’s Greek Number 4726: groanings, stenagmos – sten-ag-mos’ from 4727
    Strong’s Greek Number 4727: stenazo – sten-ad’-zo from 4728; murmur, grief, groan, grudge, sigh

    The groaning is a pain (feeling) that the Holy Spirit puts on the believers heart so he begins to pray about a specific thing or according to a specific Bible verse which is revealed at the same time.
    He has often put this ‘groaning’ on me so I have prayed about something without knowing ‘why’.
    Later I have heard about solved problems that I did not even knew existed. But the Spirit knows.

    That is what builds up the believer in obedience to the smallest inwardly pressure from the Spirit, but still it has no connection with speaking in tounges.

  3. “as you begin to pray in the Holy Spirit, the Spirit will begin to speak to your spirit”

    With all respect to the author of the article.

    The Spirit of Truth/Holy Spirit is speaking God’s voice, because He speaks to us what He hears from the Father.
    How can I then ‘pray in ‘God’s voice’?!
    I can only pray in my own spirit.
    The Holy Spirit is separated from my spirit and can teach me, reveal things from God to me and lead me on the right path and He can lay a burden on me to pray about something even if for the moment don’t understand ‘why’,
    but I can not ‘pray in Him’.

    John 16:13 says that the Spirit of Truth/Holy Spirit speaks things that He hears and that He will reveals things.
    Does He speak what He hears from me and reveals things that I say?
    No, He speaks what God says.
    There is no verse in the Bible which says that we can pray in the Holy spirit, but there is a verse which says we shall pray in agreement with God’s Word/Will/Spirit(Eph 6:17-18)
    but still it says NOTHING about ‘tounges’.

    Praying in agreement with the Will of God is something that only the obedient do, but speaking in tounges in the churches can both the obedient(=devoted believers) AND the disobedient(=unbelievers, not the truly devoted )do,

    Acts 5:32 says that the Holy spirit is given ONLY to the obedient which is the same as true believers, they whom are totally obedient and totally devoted to the Lord, which means no dependence in something else for their life than God’s Word and Will.
    Other true believers does not exist!
    Therefore can no other believer have the Holy Spirit, but they
    can be lead by ‘some kind of spirit’ and speak in not interpreted tounges.

    And therefore 1Cor 14:22 says
    that the tongues are for a sign…to the unbelieving
    (the disobedient, those who worships the Lord with their lips, but not with the deepest heart of their minds)

    Therefore can NOT speaking in tounges be a “sign” of the Holy Spirit unless it is not understood and interpreted by another person!

    PERFECT Obedience (and revelation knowledge) is a sign of the Holy Spirit.

    “the Holy Spirit, whom God hath given to them that OBEY Him. Acts 5:32

    “when He may come, the Spirit of truth, He will guide you to all the truth, for He will not speak from Himself, but as many things as He will hear He will speak, and the coming things He will tell you John 16:13

    “the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word/Will of God.
    through all prayer and supplication praying at all times in (agreement with) the Spirit ( Word/Will of God) Eph.6:17-18

    If it was that simple that everyone who speaks in tounges were lead by a HOLY Spirit there would be no sin in christianity.

    The Lord learned me about the tounges after I many times have visited many churches in which the whole congregations spoke in tounges but I never saw the fruit of the Spirit despite that
    the teaching always said that the tounges was THE SIGN of the Holy Spirit and it grieved me and I could not understand what was wrong.

    Therefore every one must seek God about these things because deception inside the Body of Christ is one of the greatest end time signs.

    Blessings from Sweden

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