Money is the root of all Evil


“Money is the root of all Evil…”  That’s not what it says.  This is perhaps, one of the most misquoted scriptures among us.  What this verse actually says, is “the love” of money, is the root of all evil.  It’s not the money.  It’s the idea that those who love it, will do anything they have to, to get it. It does not matter who they have to run over, who they must cheat or how many other people might have to do without.  They will betray their closest friends and even their own family; or even their own country.  All, are fair game.

“Which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and have pierced themselves through with many sorrows”   1 Timothy 6:10.  I think we must realize here, that the writer, is talking to the church.  People who did not have the faith to begin with, could not have erred from it.  Reading here, we can see, that using the church to make money, to covet what some other church or group has, did not originate with us here.  Note, they erred.

We don’t like to hear anyone put down rich people; although the scriptures had much to say about it.  But if you read further down in this text, you will find what it says about those who do have so much.  They are to share and distribute their wealth, to help others who need help.  What we see in our world today, is exactly opposite of what we were meant to do.  It does not matter how much they possess, they are not satisfied; they want even more.  Their first love, does not care, if people go hungry; or if children cry.

Most of us, never thought we would see this race for wealth within the NT church of our day.  If I can say what I feel for a moment, this idea of using the location of scriptures in the text, to use as an amount they are asking people to give, horrifies me.  The boldness, the intense deception they are presenting and how they are fleecing people, and their lack of conviction, makes me want to fall down on my face in fear.  Ministers loving money, and their church folk, loving it too.  God honor good shepherds and men and women of God who are yet in this for the right reasons; lift them up.

The Word, says many are going to be deceived in this hour by such things.  I’ve searched my heart over and again, to try to understand why these folk are being deceived by these false prophets and false brethren.

How can we be deceived, if we don’t want to be; if we continually seek after the Holy Ghost?  We won’t be.  See, God knows what’s in people’s heart, and it does not matter what they look like or what they say they are. It’s about what our heart, truly desires.

Maybe we began right, but the love of treasures of this world, can corrupt and change us.  Loving wealth, position, power and the praise of men, pleasing self, more than loving God.  That, is the true evil.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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