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The LORD wants to be able to use a people that are not afraid to appear foolish and are so desperate, that they will do what it takes to get to the place they need to be in Him.

I want to share several experiences I’ve had receiving God’s love.  The LORD showed me that many of His people are wounded and were not raised up under the nurture and admonition of the LORD with love even before birth and throughout their life that they are not able to receive or give His love.  This has caused much contention within marriages,  relationships in the body of Christ, workplace, etc.  Many are very immature and still like a very young child in their spirit man.

The LORD allowed me to go through much needed outpourings of His love enabling me to mature in Him.  During church service where others were having fellowship with one another I was sitting right next to a mother with her infant child and a few were praying over her.  The anointing of God’s love was so strong that it actually bounced off of them and came upon me and I was able to receive His love like a sponge.  I just wept.  And this was the level I had needed and should have received as an infant.

The same thing happened where a mother and child were cuddling during a church service and the much-needed love at that level came upon me.

Another time I was watching church on television and the pastor started singing, “Jesus loves me this I know,” or another child level bible song, and all of a sudden I cried out of my spirit, “Papa, lift me up, I am afraid!”  And sure enough He did.

Later I was worshiping the LORD on my bed and Holy Spirit was bringing forth praises through me to my Bridegroom and all of a sudden I felt something just come up out of my spirit making a popping sound.  I got startled and I said, “Was that a kiss?”  And I am sure it was!  As you can see there was a maturing in my spirit man while I was growing up in His love.

Many are trying to give and receive a level of love that is matured to the level of marriage and they are not there so it is like an adult with a child.  It just doesn’t work that way, and the same with trying to get along with other people when one is immature not able to share or receive God’s love you end up with a lot of offense, backbiting, gossip, and every other negative communication just because they haven’t matured and are still like undisciplined and unloved children.  We need to be able to get before the LORD and allow Him to mature us with His love.

Another type of manifestation that I’ve received is releasing the roar of the Lion of Judah.  It first happened during high praise in worship.  When we allow high praise to take over, it is no longer us worshiping it is Holy Spirit moving through us with praises and worship.

All of a sudden I felt my hands raise up and I began to release such a deep travail that I thought the power on it was going to blow me apart.  I could feel His power streaming through my arms and I said what is this, and He said this is my heart cry for the lost in this area.

He was repelling power of darkness by His love so that they would be able to receive His saving grace.  I said LORD, if you are going to do this through me; you need to give me a body that can handle this for I went to my knees afterward like a wet noodle.

He told me then, that the thrust of my ministry as worship intercessor is to stand in the gap for His body to come to the place of worshiping Him where He would be able to release this roar around the world in unison and this would usher in the end time harvest of souls for His kingdom.  When this happened this first time, I found out that no one could hear this roar for it was only loud in the spirit realm.

Many times afterward, the roar came out loud and I could feel the essence of a lion roaring with his paws stretched outward and he was puffing and panting between roars.  Truly the travail of the LORD for His people is deep and powerful!

The next type of manifestation of the Spirit the LORD is using is to connect the body of Christ and also through them He is pulling down strongholds and releasing an anointing that is ushering in His Kingdom and this is through whirlwinds!  These are so very powerful!

This is an area I have to mature in my faith to truly let go and allow God to take over.  When this first happened to me I was in an anointed worship service and someone just blew the shofar.  I saw a sparkle begin to take place upon the shofar as he blew it and before I knew it I was under the power of the Holy Spirit.

I began to laugh and I started to lean against the wall and a sister ran over to me and said, “Let me have some of that!”  As soon as she grabbed hold of my hand, I could feel us start to move in a counter clockwise motion and we started being taken in a mighty whirlwind.  It was so powerful I felt like if I wasn’t holding on to her hand I would be taken out into outer space!  Her name was Yolande and my name is Yolanda.  I believe it was like when Elijah released to Elisha his mantel.  It definitely was transference of anointing!

Another time this happened it was during worship at church and I went to hug a lady and immediately we were taken in a whirlwind so fast that her feet were completely off of the floor and we were screaming so startled by what was taken place.  My husband said that we were going in a whirlwind and it was very fast.  I was actually dragging my feet not allowing it to go as fast as the LORD intended!  I repented and asked the LORD for more grace to let go and allow His spirit to move through me.

Another time I was in my back room and I just got through reading a prophecy that was given to me and I began to go into the same motion.  I was looking down and I could see that my feet were starting to go in a counter clockwise motion.  I went so fast that I actually grabbed hold of the legs of the couch and yelled out, “Whoa Nelly!”  Definitely God has to do a work in me that I will flow with this and just trust Him completely!

And one more time I was in church worshiping down near my chair in the aisle, and I started to go in another whirlwind and as it started to happen I prayed, “LORD allow me to yield to You, so you can accomplish through Me your plan and purpose,” but I sat down!  Then, all of a sudden, I started twirling really fast sitting on the floor and then He flipped me over on to my side and I started rolling all over the front of the church!

I definitely was a “holy roller” that morning, and then two of the elders just went over to me and took each of my hands and gently lifted me right up.  One of them said he knew something was going to take place, because he had just seen an angel pouring out of a pitcher oil all over the area I was rolling in!

Prophetic dance is the area I have been moving in for many years.  Before this began, I was very shy, unable to be free during worship, but I was in a church where a few women would dance.  I knew I felt a freedom of the anointing upon them, and wanted to do the same.  One day they came over to me and anointed my feet to dance, and I said to myself, “Yes, right, I am too shy to do that!”

But one year later during fasting and worshiping at a church, all of a sudden I felt my body wanting to move in a motion I’ve never done during worship, and I yielded and have been dancing before the LORD ever since.

I know it isn’t just me dancing, but I stand in the gap for the Bride to have freedom in their spirit to worship the Bridegroom.  I’ve had others say to me on the praise team, that they feel a freedom to be able to worship more when I dance.  I said to them that is confirmation to my calling!

I know it is all God and all the glory goes to Him!!  Yes, Holy Spirit is moving in signs, wonders, and miracles.

These are just a few that I have experienced when I told Him I didn’t mind looking foolish to others that I wanted him to bring me to the place I needed to be in Him to allow Him to use me in whatever way He needed to.

Worshiping Him is the key to breakthrough as we seek His face and die out to our will and allow His will to be done.  This is the day and the hour He is pouring out His power.  Stand under His waterspout for it is escalating to a mighty out-pour of His glory!!!


~  Yolanda Ballard

Yolanda BallardYolanda Ballard of At The Father’s Feet website, shares with you, the body of Christ, the words she’s received quietly sitting at the Father’s feet. I believe Jesus set the example for us to follow. Whenever He could He would come apart from the busyness of the world so that He could quiet Himself before the Father, for that is where He received direction and strength to carry out His will.

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