MY Love Will Hunt You Down!


This morning the Holy Spirit took me back to an old journal and this is what He lead me to.

As I read it again, I felt a fresh fire fall upon my heart, then I was reminded of these words from a Song I have sung many times,

“Sometimes it takes a mountain,
Sometimes it takes a stormy sea,
Sometimes it takes a desert,
For God to get hold of me….!”

Friends His love never fails and it never stops pursuing us, His love hunts us down.

Thank you Jesus for never giving up on us!

While in prayer for you last night my friends, Father gave me a very specific word for you.  It was a Word I had never heard before.

RADAPH“, Yes I agree a strange word!

As I began to Seek God further, He said to me tell My people,  “My Love will hunt them down”!

Now that moved and excited me!!  Wow!!

As I ran to my Study Bible, the word “Radaph” is a Hebrew word – רָדַף râdaph, raw-daf’ –     and it means to “pursue, chase or hunt”.  The first scripture reference it gave was powerful confirmation of the Word God gave me for you.

“Surely My Goodness and Mercy shall pursue Radaph you every single day of your life”!   Psalms 23:6.

God is just amazing!

I hear Him say, “Beloved, My Love will hunt you down,  Yes My Goodness and Mercy will pursue you, chase after you and relentlessly hunt you down every single day of your life.

Beloved, My Love, Blessings and Favour will overtake you, consume you and chase you right into the plans and purposes I have for you.

My Love will relentlessly nip at your heels, boldly hunting and pursuing you.

My Grace will chase you right out of the Valleys you have been in.

My Goodness and Mercy will relentlessly “Radaph” you, chasing you up the mountain of your Breakthrough.

Yes, Beloved I have made you for the high places given you hinds feet for easy climbing, equipping you and enabling you to overcome in every situation and circumstance.

My Love, Goodness and Mercy will “Radaph” you right into a Peace-filled place a place where My Glory shines, a place where My Presence dwells, a place where you are Refreshed, Revived Renewed and Restored”,  says God


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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MY Love Will Hunt You Down! — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you for praying for your brothers and sisters, dear chosen sister ! You are very anointed. Thank you for figuring out what the Lord tells you day and night. I hope to meet you soon !