My Spirit is Always Moving!


“My Spirit is not at a standstill, but always moving,” says the LORD.

“I AM never idle.  I cannot be slowed down, boxed in, delayed, or shut down.

I cannot be voted out, replaced or silenced.  I AM the creator of time, and it is completely in My control.

Everything is on time.  Nothing that I authorize can be removed or replaced.

I did not create you to sit still until you die,” says the LORD.

“I AM moving.  I AM working.  I AM on task in your life,” says the LORD.

“Do not forget that your times and seasons are in My hands, and I will fulfill My plans and purposes in the exact way that I decreed over your life, while you were yet in the womb of your mother.

You will not fail, for I cannot fail.  I have given you unspeakable gifts, and you have the power of My Spirit.

Follow Me and move in the realm of My SPIRIT, and do not wait for others to follow you. Just follow Me,”  says the LORD, “and be faithful.”


~ June Sheltrown Reinke

June Sheltrown ReinkeDr. June Sheltrown Reinke is a prophetic pastor, evangelist and teacher.  She has been the senior pastor of Faith Fellowship Ministries in Florida since 1988.  She has ministered in the prophetic to individuals and corporate groups for decades.

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