My Still, Small Voice Is on the Inside of You


My voice, My still, small voice is on the inside of you, says the LORD.  I AM the Wonderful Counselor, and I have not left you without direction.  I have not abandoned you to do what is right in your own sight and I have not given you over to your own devices.

I AM your director, and I AM the direction.  Follow ME.  I AM leading you.  I AM guiding you with MY EYE.

I said, ASK OF ME! ASK FOR MY WISDOM!  I will not deny you wisdom that is from above, says the LORD.  I will give it to whosoever will, that comes to Me in simple, child-like, dependent faith.

As you rely on ME, I will open the door for you.  I will provide for you a way when there is NO WAY.  I will give you the plan that is MINE, and it will WORK for you, says the LORD.

I will order your steps and bring order to your life.  Everything that is chaotic will come into MY CALM as I give you peace and My peace shall invade your environs.  I desire for you to be free of stress.

I want you to have the tranquility and quietness that is from ME.  You cannot create an atmosphere like this, BUT I have it for you in My presence, says the LORD.  I do not want to be your last resort, but your FIRST response.

Do not react to the circumstances around you that are vying for your attention, but LISTEN to My tender voice that is calling you!  I have peace for you.  I have the answers.

I AM your Wisdom and YOUR counsel and YOUR understanding as you lean upon Me and trust that I AM with you, that I AM speaking, that I AM leading, that I AM guiding you, that I AM preparing the way for you and that I AM THE WAY, says the LORD.


~ June Sheltrown Reinke

June Sheltrown ReinkeDr. June Sheltrown Reinke is a prophetic pastor, evangelist and teacher.  She has been the senior pastor of Faith Fellowship Ministries in Florida since 1988.  She has ministered in the prophetic to individuals and corporate groups for decades.

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