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Never Give Up! — 2 Comments

  1. This world or this planet earth can Be peaceful and adorable place of living if only human beings can listen to His Voice and Be Obediants to the words of Eternal Father God.
    That we should put away selfishness, dévelop Our conscience, rejecting all wickednesses LOVE one another as ourselves doing no harms to anyone; living peaceful the world will surly Be amazing!
    But today as Jesus is with those who believe in Him, we have overcome the evil world of full of darknesses! Yes with Jesus Christ! Amen!

  2. I know Jéhovah is real Jesus is real, Holy Spirit is real. The Trinity is working together in same quantity and quality of His Energy and power.

    Thank God very much For His LOVE for Us and His promises are True! I know Is He who live that I live also! Big Thank You Jesus, Jéhovah Father God Holy Spirit! I Love Lord God! Amen!

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