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Nibiru & the Pole Shift — 5 Comments

  1. I believe the dream is correct. I have come across Gill Broussard who talks about the same planet. He calls it Planet 7x. The outer planets are heating up. Stronger magnitude earthquakes are increasing. The outer planets orbits are being perturbed. Animal kills due to what I think is methane or gases being released are increasing. NEOM is a city being built in the territory of ancient Edom. (Possible Babylon?) The deep ocean currents that help drive the weather are changing. Volcanic activity is increasing. The magnetic North Pole has been moving toward the actual North Pole for a few years. Climate change can’t account for the changes in the solar system and on Earth too. This is a tiny summary of what I’ve read. I can’t put everything here in this comment section.

  2. I indeed agree with this word that the earth is mouning for the coming of the Son of God to redeem the earth. We see the changes in the wind, sky, oceans and earth, the rains or the lack of rains and the heat of the sun increasing in our areas. We should be realizing that the days are being shortening, and that God’s Word is being fufulled daily. Look Up our redemption draws neigh.

  3. Thank you Elizabeth.. It is my understanding this won’t be an impact from Nibiru it only has to pass by us in it’s elliptical orbit to cause total calamity. It has a tail of ice and rock and it is a Comet with the mass of a Planet and it has three speeds as it Orbits around the Earth and the Sun.  It can only be seen with infrared light and photography.

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