No One Should Be Refused Prayer!


This morning while resting, I saw vision of a ballerina in white dancing.

The LORD said to me,  “Do you remember the time you were dancing in Nursing School, down in the lounge?”

I said, “Yes.”

He said, “You are going to be that free again!”

At that time, another student and I at the college lived in the nurses dorm at Swedish Covenant Hospital.  It was a wonderful time when all the focus was on school and I was able to work part time at Children’s Hospital to help with school.

That time, this friend and I were dancing freely, pretending to be ballerinas in the lounge in the first floor level of the nurses dormitory.

We were so carefree, because we thought nobody was looking and we were flitting around the room until suddenly a Resident, Costa, peeked in the door and we were so embarrassed.

My thoughts than traveled to working as a nurses aide in the hospital in Elmhurst Illinois.  For a while I was privileged to be chosen to work in the isolation ward.

There was a male British nurse who ran the unit named Charlie Brown, 😄 and he allowed me, along with the nurse, an evening shift to learn sterile technique so that I could help with changing bandages.

It was an important need at the time, because this unit would get the people who had had surgery, but who had infected wounds.

Other rooms had people with contagious diseases like hepatitis and sometimes we would get people with burns that were infected.

The LORD began to show me an analogy.

Sometimes there would be somebody with abdominal surgery who had an open gaping wound.  We would have to irrigate it with peroxide and alternate putting warm packs on it every few hours and irrigating it again.

Some people are like that person with the gaping wound that is emotional and it’s all open and you can see the internal flesh and the tissues of the body.

When they’re broken, they let everything hang out and they’re not remiss in talking about how wounded they are or what they’ve been through, but not everybody wants to listen to that kind of pain.

Still wherever they, go they let it all hang out.  It’s obvious what their pains are, and how broken they are.

Then I thought of how sometimes, when someone breaks a bone, there is an internal fracture, but it doesn’t show on the outside except for the swelling and tenderness because of inflammation and trauma on the inside.

People who are like this kind of woundedness, are very broken on the inside emotionally but try to hide it from others; still the inflammation shows on the outside by the way they talk or the way they carry themselves or the way they interact with others.

Then there are ones where you can’t see anything on the outside but inside there’s pain sort of like people with arthritis.

Almost a week ago I fell on my right knee and you couldn’t see any bruises or anything on the outside.

It was only slightly swollen, but internally it hurt by the end of the day with me walking on it, then I could barely move it.

Yet still there was no real bruising on the outside but the inside was bruised and very tender and a few days later in the pool I noticed that my joint clicked when I moved it a certain way.

People who have this kind of emotional wounds as a parallel are those who can hide it very well.

You don’t always see the emotional wounding on the outside.  You can’t always tell by their behavior.

You may sense that something is off about them, but not really know.  Yet there is trauma on the inside.

It’s only when you get to know them better and have a chance to talk to them and share your own life that they may open up and share what has traumatized them in the past.

Whatever the wounding we all have a tendency to try and hide it because of peoples reactions.

In the church there’s so many who fake it and pretend, because if they try to come up for prayer more often then they are chastised for being too needy as if it’s too big a burden for the church to carry, as if the church wants to hide that it has needy people.

There is a lot of perfectionism in the church, where people think that if you’ve been in the church for a while you should be better off and healed enough to not ask for prayer.

It’s as if the church is ashamed of them.

No one should be refused prayer.

Who are we to say how long it should take for somebody to be healed and could it be our own attitudes that sometimes keep people from being healed because we judge them?

It’s time for the church to return to be the hospital for the broken and wounded, for now God is going to do great miracles, startling miracles to heal up the brokenhearted and the broken in their bodies.

People will be transformed before our very eyes.

God told me the awakening would be in the body of Christ doing the one another’s, caring for one another!

We are commanded to love one another as Christ has loved us.

I remember the first time I saw this amazing miracle when Reinhard Bonnke visited a church in Fountain Valley here in California.

There was a woman who went down on the floor when he prayed for her and she had very obviously rheumatoid arthritis.

He commanded the infirmity to go and I literally saw the spirit leave her body and when she sat up her body was totally changed and her hands were changed with no more knotted joints!

It is Christ who heals us but he doesn’t call us to isolation we are part of the body of Christ and we are interdependent not independent yet we are totally dependent on Him for healing.

Often Christ will heal us alone but he doesn’t ONLY do it that way.

He said rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.

He said when you lay hands on the sick they will be healed, so he does call us to help in healing one another, to love on one another.  And as Dr Caroline leaf says, loving on one another even heals our DNA.


~ Priscilla Van Sutphin

Priscilla Van Sutphin of Upstream MinistriesPRISCILLA VAN SUTPHIN is the founder of Upstream Ministries, California, online at and Upstream.  Donate to Upstream: via secure Paypal by sending as gift to or send to: Upstream, PMB 545, 14311 Newport Blvd, Suite G, Tustin, CA 9278, USA.

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