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Operating Without the Holy Ghost — 4 Comments

  1. Amen Brother Blackburn!

    You have hit it on the spiritual nail. I am spiritually appalled by what it going on in churches that I have served in. T
    he flesh in total operation and people are not getting delivered.
    There is just no power! It makes my heart sad and I cry out for an awakening of my brothers and sisters.
    To operate in the Spirit is the only way that you can see the manifestations of our Savior and Father.
    God does not glory in the flesh but in the full, total, and complete surrender to the flow of the Holy Spirit.
    People are not getting the benefit of heaven when performing in flesh. There was an adage I heard years ago “Flesh is a mess!”
    I find that to be very true especially in this church age.
    Thank you my brother for speaking on this. His Blessings to you always.

  2. Amen my brother! Thank you for speaking about this most urgent matter. I have such a grieving in my heart as Carol commented. I am spiritually appalled about the state of many churches today. And, especially those that I have been serving and fellowship. You are right on point and there is no need for apology. You are not judging. Like you said you are discerning. My discernment and prophetic radars are always on high alert when I am around the people of God. It is consistently my heart’s cry and prayer that God’s people–The Church truly wake up and move in His Spirit and not their own. There is no power in the flesh.

  3. Mr. Blackburn,

    Thank you for these words. This has been the grieving of my heart as well. So much damage done because of this. Without the Holy Spirit we cannot do it right.

    God bless!

    • I agree with you Carol. My heart grieves as well. I am spiritually appalled by what I see in the 21st churches today. Apostate, powerless, and lukewarm. Keep fighting the good faith my sister. Blessings to you.

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