Operating Without the Holy Ghost


Prophecy.  What does it mean to you, in this hour?

What about these days?  Much of it is going forth, even as we speak.  If we want to know and understand these times, we should go to those who were speaking about it.

It seems the right thing to place a very strong emphasis on, is what Jesus Christ said.  If we truly believe that God’s Word is alive, then we must accept that the things He spoke of then, and the words He used, are alive now.

What about these last days; these end times?  The first thing that we need to ask ourselves and others, is whether it is happening now, as He said that it would?

Jesus talked about things that had still to come to pass; and we were told not to be afraid.  He talked about how people were going to treat one another; even family members, our own brothers and sisters, betraying each other.

Should we mention earthquakes?  Is there famine in the world?  It’s not just rumors of wars now; much of the entire planet is somehow involved in some kind of conflict.  It’s not just a dart fired here and there; it’s real destruction.

The devil claps his hands and shouts with glee over all the kinds of distractions he now has in place.  I’m not going to prophesy here, but I sincerely think it is going to take a total calamity to awaken so many of us.

Did you ever wonder why Christ said, that this is only “the beginning of sorrows”?  How far does it have to go, for us to shake ourselves, open our eyes and unstop our ears?

For so many years, we in our land had no need to worry about what was going on in the rest of the world.  It was all so far away; no need to care.

Oh I know people are tired of hearing about the “End Times” and all the things that are here even now.  If more comes, it comes.

If I may, I feel it’s time to forget what’s going on in between certain walls and what has happened there.  Technology has allowed us to visit places, even services, observe what is being sung, what is being promoted and what is being preached; or not preached.  It is our relationship with Jesus Christ that is the most important issue we have in our lives.  The people, are the Church.  All, of His Body.

Perhaps it would be helpful, if some of us would share some of the truths we’ve come across in our lives.  We’d have to be real honest.

Have you ever tried to operate without the Holy Ghost?  Either we were a little too bold or too self-assured.  We went about it in the flesh, singing, playing, teaching or preaching; on our own steam.  If we were to testify, we’d share that things did not go well at all.  It ended up not being anointed and shall we say, it fell flat.

I realize that many,just go on doing that.  Strangely, they can do it very well.  How do you tell them it sounds very good, but the Spirit isn’t in it?

Some will say that I’m judging.  No, I’m not judging; I’m discerning.  I listened and watched several videos recently of people and groups singing who were thought to be very good.

How far away it is from what we once had.  How do I say it in the right spirit…?  It sounds awful to me.

And the thing I hesitate to say, is that it is not anointed; not anointed at all.  It takes the Holy Ghost, to know the Holy Ghost.

I don’t think that many understand that there is no comparison.  If our own skills in the Spirit have become so dull, we won’t even know it.

There is no real power without the Spirit.  Not in a holy kind of way.

I tell you how serious, this is for me today.  Maybe you can, but I will not be able to navigate what’s here and what’s coming, by myself.

It will take all of the Holy Ghost I can absorb, to discern, to know, what I am truly dealing with.  Whether it is of God, or not.  Whether it is false, or not.

False teacher, false apostle, false brethren, false prophet, false preacher or even singer/ musician.  Contrary to the latest trends, I don’t have any power on my own.

If someone wants to stand up against satan, his forces, against wicked, envious, evil and greedy men, let them.

We, must have the Holy Spirit of God.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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Operating Without the Holy Ghost — 4 Comments

  1. Mr. Blackburn,

    Thank you for these words. This has been the grieving of my heart as well. So much damage done because of this. Without the Holy Spirit we cannot do it right.

    God bless!

    • I agree with you Carol. My heart grieves as well. I am spiritually appalled by what I see in the 21st churches today. Apostate, powerless, and lukewarm. Keep fighting the good faith my sister. Blessings to you.

  2. Amen my brother! Thank you for speaking about this most urgent matter. I have such a grieving in my heart as Carol commented. I am spiritually appalled about the state of many churches today. And, especially those that I have been serving and fellowship. You are right on point and there is no need for apology. You are not judging. Like you said you are discerning. My discernment and prophetic radars are always on high alert when I am around the people of God. It is consistently my heart’s cry and prayer that God’s people–The Church truly wake up and move in His Spirit and not their own. There is no power in the flesh.

  3. Amen Brother Blackburn!

    You have hit it on the spiritual nail. I am spiritually appalled by what it going on in churches that I have served in. T
    he flesh in total operation and people are not getting delivered.
    There is just no power! It makes my heart sad and I cry out for an awakening of my brothers and sisters.
    To operate in the Spirit is the only way that you can see the manifestations of our Savior and Father.
    God does not glory in the flesh but in the full, total, and complete surrender to the flow of the Holy Spirit.
    People are not getting the benefit of heaven when performing in flesh. There was an adage I heard years ago “Flesh is a mess!”
    I find that to be very true especially in this church age.
    Thank you my brother for speaking on this. His Blessings to you always.