Our Power Level


There is a promise and proclamation that was given, many years back now.  It said, “Ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you.”  And they did.  There is a situation that many of our persuasion could never process too well.  It was that Jesus, sent His disciples out, and “He gave them power.”  They cast out devils, and they healed those who were sick.  He gave them spiritual ability, to demonstrate many of the things He had been doing.  And it was before, the Upper Room.

Then, a sound came from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind.  I wonder if it would be out of order, to ask if any of us, have ever heard that sound.  A sound, that would fill the entire place, and cloven tongues like as of fire, would sit upon everyone there.  I feel led to say once more, that those of my particular age group, know too much.  We heard our parents and grandparents talk about the many wonderful things God did among the people in those days.  We were to be witnesses of such a report.  And before so much began to change, we ourselves saw signs, wonders and miracles.

You don’t hear much these days about the ten who had lamps, and when the cry came, stood up to go out to meet the awaited Bridegroom.  I think that one reason we don’t, may be that many do not want to face the subject, of the oil.  Perhaps, we should go on forward, and face the matter.  Our power level, will depend on, just how full we are of the Holy Ghost.  It truly frightens me, that in this hour that we live in just now, some will think that we can just rise up and deal with spirits and situations, as we once did.  I cringe, when I recall that Samson, did not know he was now powerless.

I wonder if the people of my day, actually get what is being talked about here; or has some kind of scale somehow covered our eyes.  That term, “being full of the Holy Ghost,” was once common; and it was clearly understood by those who had, that full power of the Spirit. It was clearly taught by the Apostles, that no one, had it all.  The gifts were spread throughout the church; everyone having their own place and function; fitly joined together.  Full of the Holy Ghost and all working together, the power we had, was incredible.
My generation, got a taste of it.  We saw, mighty moves of God.

There is very little real power, in much of what we see today.  It’s a power alright, but it is not the power of the Spirit.  Self is powerful.  And when several ‘selfs’ get together, they can run an impressive operation.  But compared to what?

Compared to what the Holy Spirit of God can do?  Faith comes by hearing; and if we are not fed the right diet of Spiritual food, we cannot function or operate at the correct level we were meant to have.  We did not reach the place where we once thought we were going; you can say what you want. Most of us, do not have the power the early church did.

Settling for less than what we were given and the things we were promised, only means, that we are doing much less, than what was given to the Church.  Our proper strength in the Spirit, has been sabotaged; either by ourselves, or those we listen to.

We are to do great exploits; it was spoken clearly.  But, are we?  The vital question of the hour is, what can we do to return ourselves to that full operating power, that the apostles and those before us had.  I say, we know what it will take.  Things cannot stay as they are; we surely can see that.

How much power, do you really have today?


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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