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Pakistan: Pastor Killed After Sunday Service — 6 Comments

  1. this is the revelation Yahweh by his spirit and grace is giving me concerning this incident. Pastor wiliam and Pastor patrick are one body in christ which speaks of the death and the resurrection of the saints of God or the body of christ to reign with christ in the kingdom age for all the kings of the earth to bring their glory and worship the living GOD as prophesied by the prophets of old. the spirit of God directed my spirit to look into the meaning of the name william and patrick it was so amazing. William is derived from will = desire, and helm = helmet, protection Patrick means noble man. Pastor william desired of helmet of protection which is salvation which he will be raised to have a glorious body being nobleman in the age to come. In the big picture, the saints are protected by the mighty hand of almighty God and shall be rised to sit with princes. Remember Jesus said, He that believes in me though he may die but I will raise him up on the last day. this incidence is shadow of our death and ressurection to come. comfort each with these words. For the revelation is true trusworthy.

  2. So so so horrible. Prayed this prayer and will continue to hold these braveheart Christians up for divine protection and angelic hosts to minister and protect in Jesus name. May the spirit of the Living God be poured out in Pakistan that multitudes may come to the knowledge of the truth and be saved. Amen. Sandi Holman

  3. As a former member Of the Roman Catholic Church, in which God brought me out of that Babylonian system, I can speak from experience, that just because someone calls themselves “Christian”, does NOT make them “Christian”. It is obvious that this was done by Muslims, as they think, like most of the world does, that if someone calls themself “Christian”, then they are Worshiping Jesus of the bible. While in fact, many so called “Christians” are worshiping Another Jesus, just as I did when I belonged to the RCC.

    Not sure if this will get posted, as the moderators here don’t seem to like it when someone post true biblical concepts and expose false religion.

    • @dj on I know this page since 10+ years, and I must tell you: The moderators and admions are the most genuine, bold, couraged and faithful CHRISTians I have ever known. Never they were cowards ! They posted terrible facts and news, they helped the most vulnerable and outcasts, and almost all here come from an official denominational background.

      The friends, the brethren here are highly intelligent and humbly. Oh how often they have exposed false religions. I do not know why you stated such an assumption against the moderators. You should apologize, but as I know the admins, they do not even expect an apology. THEY KNOW GOD and they can discern good and evil, and they are very wise.

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