Pray, Pray, Pray for South Africa!


Good morning everyone.

Today is the 26th June, 2018.  I felt to share something with you.

Last week the LORD woke me up with something in the middle of the night.  After spending time with Him there was an urgency in my spirit to let every one know, of how God was saying that we need to begin to pray in small groups – two or three gather in His Name.

In the workplace, during lunch time, at schools, in your homes, in your cars, there is a call that has gone out from heaven, that in South Africa we need to pray, in small groups.

Pray, pray, pray over South Africa,

God showed me that that same destructive murderous blood-thirsty spirit that caused millions of deaths in Rwanda, is trying to come into South Africa.

This is very serious.

God showed me that when we have two or three gathered together in His Name, in homes all over South Africa, in businesses, we are like bright lights shining.

God showed me link in a photograph like I could see it, that when there dots are connected, it forms a dome, a shield over South Africa.

We need to plead the Blood of Jesus and ask God for His linking Angels on the borders of South Africa.

It is an urgency in my spirit, that if we do not pray now, the enemy will come in and cause bloodshed in this nation, like we have never seen before.

That we will pray strategic prayers.  Ask God what you need to pray.  Pray the Word of God.  Pray in tongues.

We need to pray that every weapon the enemy wants to use against South African, in this nation, that those weapons be destroyed.

Because we need to understand, God wants Heaven on Earth; Satan wants Hell on Earth.

Satan has had plans for South Africa.  These plans we stopped in 1994 with the first democratic elections.

It is our duty, it is our responsibility, as children of the living God, to get together in small groups and pray like never before.

We are not just praying for ourselves, we are praying for our children, our grandchildren.

We are praying for brothers and sisters in Christ in this nation.

God wants to bring revival to South Africa and the enemy wants to bring destruction.  That is the plan.

But God is all mighty, but we have a responsibility, to begin to pray.

God bless you!

Send this Word to everybody you can think of.

Pray.  Pray.  Pray.

Gods bless you!



~  Original author unknown at this time.





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