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Prayer Against Ungodly Yoga & Meditation in American Schools — 3 Comments

  1. I think your Son handled this situation very well. He also used this situation to witness to his teacher. He is a true Warrior for Christ!

  2. When my son was in middle school, he was in a drama class with an Asian teacher. When they would begin class, he told me she put put a “funky” music and asked them or told them to meditate, etc. My children have been raised in a Christian home and I’ve never held back as to what is of God and what isn’t. He knew in his spirit it wasn’t of God. He would pray,rebuke and pretend so he wouldn’t get in trouble. I wanted to speak with her but my son said no and to just pray. I did. He spoke to her about Jesus. She didn’t get saved or anything but at least the time he was in her class, she no longer asked them to meditate, rather, those 15-20 minutes to read a book, lol. Thank you Jesus,for covering your children, for listening to their prayers, amen!!!

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