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Promotion, Promise and the Persecution — 6 Comments

  1. Testimony,

    Glory to God, he has delivered me, out of the hands of the wicked one, and will deliver me from them all. Praises to Abba Daddy. Yeah !

  2. Persecuted that is I, for I have endured Great outslaught of hatred, suffering, lies, spoken against me, constant sufferings as Christ walked on the earth, yet today my cries cries out for deliverance, to be set free from all my enemies, as it was with David, so am I. I long for the promise of deliverance to come forth speedily to me, at my work. I love my enemies, I pray for them, and bless them, asking the Father to forgive them, for they know not what they do. I am a light, chosen by my Father, who has chosen me before the foundations of the world. I need you Abba, to take vengeance upon those who has caused me pain and sufferings which seems, it won’t go away, yet I’m holding onto you, knowing you will bring me through to promotion, let it come quickly, for I don’t desire to endure another year of this, let me see the reward upon my enemies, before you take me away in Jesus name I pray, my eyes are on you, and I love you so.
    Father, you said in your words, just as you were persecuted, so shall I be, and because you are in me, and I in you, there is Victory ahead for me, enlighten my understanding in all things, prepare my heart for what lies ahead, help me to walk as you, fruitful in all good works, for this suffering is for a moment, it surly will come to an end, by your ALmighty hands, Glory to God !! Thank you Father God, for my enemies, you will repay for the injustice, and my eyes will it. I decree it in Jesus, name. I had to go back to read your words spoken here once again, as it brought comfort to my soul, it has lifted me up higher in you.
    Thank you so much precious heart, for sharing his words of comfort to me. I Rest, and Trust in you, my God !!! Thank you, I love you !!

    • Thank you Abba, again and again for your faithfulness in your words. WOW, correction from the previous post PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY, WOW !!

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