A Vision of California Departures and USA Shaking


A Vision of many coming up out of California and the coming great shakings in America.

You must know the LORD has given me many Words about coming earthquake in California and other places.  Plus He has spoken to me about a time of great testing and trouble coming upon America and the world.

Already these Words have come to me, and not just me but others who hear the prophetic Word.

One day, months ago now, I had a vision of many people sitting on the floor around the wall in a large room here in this county in New Mexico.  I heard the LORD say, “There will be many coming up out of California and other places, needing a place of safety.”

He then spoke about the coming shaking which would put many to traveling out of California and other places, in emergency situations.

He also said, He was moving people before the shaking, to spare their lives.  Some will remain in California to help, but many will need leave, to be safe.

We were renting a large room in downtown Belen, New Mexico, at the time of the vision, and there were two larger rooms on either side for rent.  I heard Him say: “You will need all three rooms….  to hold all who are coming!”

I know now that He did not say to rent them, all three, but that He was telling me to prepare for the many coming.

Since that vision of many coming, I have heard the number over and over…. 1,500 people alone coming out of California and West Coast area… to this place.  They will be coming for their lives….  Coming in an emergency times.

The LORD has spoken to me about the desert land near here, and has now given us 30 acres [with more in process to be bought as funds are available].  The LORD said to call it His holy place:  Desert Zion.   An ark of safety.  He has also called it, “A city in the desert. A city of refuge.”

Now God has sent another prophet voice [man] to live here and work with us.  Others are calling.  I just got off the phone with one who may soon be coming out of Missouri.  Many are coming [the LORD said] to help in Desert Zion and to live.

Many will be rising like a mighty army.  Also I have heard two are coming from Oklahoma in September.  I have two ladies living in Mississippi who are just excited about coming.   And, of course, many others.  God knows.

Every time someone comes the meetings together here as a body and worship services grow in number.  God has said an army would arise right here to effect the whole nation.

Desert Zion

Desert Zion

Because of the remote area and difficult road conditions to Desert Zion, God has given us a early 1950 model Allis Chalmers road grader [in good working condition].

Also I believe He is providing a small bulldozer to move earth and help build roads.  We will need a road from the higher ground to the low river land to the west of us to get water.  The need is great to get water, but we are finding out there are more ways than just drilling a wells 550 feet deep to get water.  How would 25 feet be?  One man even prophesied that God would provide a artisan well.

We are encouraged.  Moving on in this great task.  When I say great, it is much larger than we are able to accomplish on our own.  But thanks be to God who has a unlimited supply of help.

If you are reading this report and want to get involved feeling the tug of the Holy Spirit upon your heart, please let us know how you can be of help.

Perhaps you will be one to come here?  Or perhaps you can help us by praying and other ways?

One thing. The LORD told me that there wold be many other places of refuge, across America to handle all the need of His many people in the coming time of great shaking.

He told me that I should encourage others and even be a mentor to help them build other ark places and cities of refuge.

I have been receiving many people writing telling me they too have heard the call to arise and build ark places.  This, (you must know) is confirmation to us that God has spoken these things.

I hear of many other places being built.  The LORD said not all could come to New Mexico, because He has many people.  So pray for other arks to be built.

Please pray!  Time is an essence.  We need to be busy about building.

Please pray for us and for all the needs to be met assisting us in this great task.

I do not believe in prophesying money from people.  So, please know I am asking God for His provision.  Any prophet who would set out to prophesy money, should be hung up by his you know what!


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey
The light will shine in His glory… In the desert.

Ken DeweyEvangelist/ Prophet/ Pastor Ken Dewey is the founder ofOUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES in Belen, New Mexico, USA.  He writes on this Web Site, many Prophetic words,  Sermons and teachings while leading people into true church settings and preaching in an End Time Gospel Tent Ministry.
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We are believing God for many more Monthly Partners to stand with us in Monthly Giving and Offerings.  Please send you pledge to becoming a Monthly Partner or to sow an offering into this Ground.  To make a donation to OUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES please send to: PO BOX 223, BELEN, NEW MEXICO.

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