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Prophecy Alert ~ Pray for Your Children — 3 Comments

    I had a dream about a week ago that my daughter left my granddaughter outside in a car.. an old friend told us that she Forgot the baby.. although the child was safe, I told my daughter the dream and told her that the Lord was saying that she needed to “pay attention” to what’s really important! 
    Wow! I thank God and yes for the confirmation! But everyone else better take heed!  Praying for our children!  Hmmm? Even the captcha code to leave this message is “CPR 8” Wow! Please take heed! Cover your children and grandchildren, spread the word! Be watchful!

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this dream, dear Peter. I immediately prayed. Not only for my own son, but for all children of the saints.
    I know from own experience, that it had horrible impacts when I could not be always around my son. He still has wounds, scars, from an accident when he was hunted by evil “friends”. But the LORD has restored so much and still He restores. HE IS HOLY.

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