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Prophetic Decrees for the Home and Family — 9 Comments

  1. Thanks you for these prophetic word, I have seen and testify these decrees have done miracles, in my life,in my family, and dismantled numerous attacks from the enemy, our GOD is awesome and his word have power.

  2. Thank you for these powerful Declarations.  I shared them with my prayer partners. May God richly bless you!

  3. I have learned to speak prophetic blessings over my family and myself this is such blessing to me. Every morning at 4am I pray and use this declaration over my family. Great benefits and blessings I have received. It works! It’s biblical. I have been persistent for the past 10 years. God bless you And may you continue to receive divine inspiration from Holy Spirit as you share with us.

  4. Thank you, for me I decree and declare 2020 shall be an amazingly blessed year!  M.y portion was ordained in my mothers womb, none can stop this, amen and it is so.  This one thing I shall do, forgetting those things which are behind, pressing forward toward the high mark and calling of Christ Jesus.
    Jer.29:11-13.Marie Fairbanks/Evang.

  5. We say these prayers almost everyday and in the past there would be a scripture after the prayers.  There is no longer. We were wondering why?

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