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Prophetic Warning: Crying & Wailing for the Children — 5 Comments

  1. As I was looking at the prophetic words for today, as soon as I read, “Rachael crying for her children”, it caught my attention. Either last night or this morning, I heard that within my spirit and did not understand why I did. From what you posted, we don’t know how God will do it, however, He is bringing them to Himself. I believe that God with clarify this for us. What has been stated as for those who were supposed to parent the children and doctors, etc … is true. Some parents are exceptional. Yet, so many are too busy or not saved and allow the children to get into all types of witchcraft from videos, etc. A lot of abortions have taken place. Much of this has happened in the United States. Yet, it wasn’t only Americans having abortions; it was people coming from other countries, also, going to America.

    I believe that you will hear from the Lord further on this as it doesn’t seem to be completed; it seems that we should have a better understanding of the message. I believe that you heard from the Lord. It’s just that it seems to me as though there is a missing piece to it. Mind you, who am I to even say such things? I thank you for posting the word. Perhaps, our hearts are hardened and we do not want to hear such things and want our Lord’s blessings to be imparted. The Lord has spoken and I thank you for your boldness in sharing His word.

  2. Do we sit passively and blame others, and wait until the Lord returns to set things right, or do WE speak up and act when we see injustice? Godly midwives disobeyed Pharoah’s order to kill all baby boys. Moses’ sister looked out for him and acted when he was put in the river, thus saving his life – and ultimately deliverance for Israel. Intercessors not only pray, but act and intervene themselves (Isaiah 59:16). We are to be salt and light. We are to be hands and feet of Jesus. The Lord says ‘who will go for us’. Isaiah says ‘here am I. Send me!’

  3. It is my understanding that ‘prophecies’ are to be weighed and judged? I do not know this person, or whether they are a ‘prophet’.  I am simply adding a comment from my experiences of growing up in a close community where God was worshiped and the Word of God held in reverence and respect. I experienced good ‘fruit’ of that as a child. I also experienced physical abuse from other children and was not always protected by ‘responsible’ adults. I have also seen serious ‘misuse’ and ‘abuse’ by people who called claimed to be ‘prophets. I have seen lives and faith wrecked because of this. Now that I am an adult, I will not keep quiet and allow others to experience what I and others did in the name of God.

  4. You have forgotten families – as in siblings, uncles and aunties – and friends and neighbours. When I was growing up, relatives and neighbours would look out for us. We would be given juice and snacks in a friends home, but could equally be told off if we were naughty. 
    There is now a disrespect for elders in families, which is not scriptural. The church has been complicit in this, as it has become child centred, rather than God centred. The church is not a nursery or creche.

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