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Prophetic Warning: Is America at the Edge of the Precipice? — 6 Comments

  1. “I am sad i have almost no opportunities to give testimony”

    Nadine hi,
    Your “testimony” is when you obey the Lord. The obedience has no “sound” so you don’t have to worry.

  2. God Bless you Dear Sandra for your comments which is a confirmation of a dream I had few days ago & was told to open my ears to God’s instruction, not to say anything, go on my knees to pray & God will do the rest. God wants to fight evil conspirators/advisers in America & around the world. This you rightly saw & said. What the politicians are hiding will be exposed & become their hanging gallows like Haman. The battle is the Lord!  More Grace on you sister! Thanks

  3. Sister i am in full afrekent considering tjecount of persecution i already have encounter tered in a first world country which they call civized and the full blown hatred from neighbours i reveive for no reason although i am a woman alone and with diabetes no regard or help or empathie just full blown attack and smearcampaigns although i am very silent about my belief because none has ever listened to me only one sister who is dead
    I still hope a revival is still.coming but it will only the Lord and his Holy Spirit to be the source of it and hope they will still find open hearts for it because many Hearts grew cold very cold even the ones who call themselves Christian
    I am sad i have almost no.opportunities to give testimony but thank you for your advice sister the times are evil and for now we have to be still and waiting on the time where we have to speak out even before courts and governmentworkers etc

  4. The whole world is att the edge of precipice. Every government is ruled by artifciel intelligense,still the church put their trust in human’s solution and “elections”.

  5. In complete agreement! These are the things we also share with people! Repentance is key, and yet the false prophets say oh once your saved, no Repentance is needed.. I hate the false teachings leading so many astray! Prayer is our survival now church! I appreciate this message very much!

  6. The 2 dreams I just listened to from Elizabeth Marie are exactly what the Lord is showing me. To hunker down and keep my mouth shut telling Noone nothing unless the Holy Spirit really unctions me. What happened at Mar A Largo this week is very concerning and scary to say the least. I see a hammer in the hand of the Lord ready to smash America. A month ago I saw the Lord playing with the globe, like a spinning top. And everytime He spun it people fell off. Godly people. Thank you

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