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Woe to Those Who Have Followed the Golden Calf — 3 Comments

  1. So God isn’t speaking to any prophet about Biden? I know much of what’s happening now is evil and I saw the acts of Trump (though living in France at the time). So I’ll pray that God speaks to me clearly about Trump but I can say that I have zero peace that Biden is from God, yet I haven’t seen any prophetic word about him / his presidency.

  2. Kim Clement was wrong about some of his prophecies about Trump, as was several others. I can’t begin to understand “why” so many believers can’t discern this man and his real intentions. Enough said.

  3. Stephen, is the golden calf the President?  Which one?  I try not to idolize presidents.  I did feel Trump was put in by God, and Kim Clement prophesied his presidency many years before he was elected.  Please do comment.  Thanks

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