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The LORD’s Awe-Gust Winds, to Uproot and Tear Down — 10 Comments

  1. This Word has come to pass for me.
    In Eagan, MN USA we had a size zero tornado go through the courtyards of our community, They’re considered strong whirlwinds of around 80mph. It uprooted trees, these were large young beautiful trees, and they were left lying on their sides with the roots exposed for all to see.
    I kept wondering when and if this word would come to pass since Awe-gust is almost over…and then it happened.
    The tornado skipped around and missed everything else except what it was intended to hit…I am amazed!! :)

  2. I can’t help but be reminded of His Word in Revelation where the time has come for the “Tipping” of the Bowls of the prayers of His Saints upon the earth…SOO EXCITING!!
    Thank you for sharing beautiful lady!! :)

  3. I’m praying God will enable us, His people, to brace for a political earthquake as His mighty Awe and Wonder wreak havoc in the house of the wicked in this season. As intercessors, we should always pray over the words from His servants the prophets. As a side note, in a dream this morning, I saw a semi truck high up in the sky, hanging on nothing. Then it crashed to the ground and a very large airbag inflated in the cab. The driver was spared. I believe it is a reminder to keep praying about the ‘house cleaning’ that is happening in some ministries.

  4. Living in the USA, these words are of comfort & joy, as the revelation of diabolical evil ruling our nations is brought into the light. Haman’s Gallows are standing ready!

  5. I always medicate upon the words of prophecy the Lord has given you. I felt a shift in the atmosphere here in America about a month ago. It’s been so sad to watch my country fall, fall, fall so rapidly with such ungodly leadership. I posted on fb a few days ago to pray, pray, pray, but it seems that even Godly people have their heads in the sand. Where are God’s people? What is happening in this country and the world? I want to shout and preach from the mountain tops. The Lord had me quit my job a couple weeks ago, I now am waiting for my next assignment. Thank you for posting all that the Lord gives you. Blessings from Michigan

  6. I appreciate your dedication and look forward to what The LORD reveals. I’m praying for the evil to be exposed and dealt with. These are crazy times, but God!

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