Prophetic Words of Encouragement

Prophetic Words of Encouragement by Prophetess Phyllis Ford

(These are daily words that were released to provide extra manna while you fast, pray and seek the Lord)

Day 8:  August 15th Psalm 119 —  Cheth verses 57-64   Take the arrows of intercession and prayer and strike the ground for this is the day of strong warfare.  Know that the seeds that were already sown will reap a harvest and turn around the evil works of the enemy and the hindrances that have tried to stifle the momentum are being moved out of the way.  Know that even though there is a battle going on in the heavens; I have given you the tools necessary to war and to win.  In the midnight hour you shall rejoice because you will see the first signs of freedom and liberality, for the judgements of the Lord are sure.  Let my remnant praise and give honor to the Captain of the Lord of Hosts, He is the Lord God Most High.

Day 9:  August 16th Psalm 119 —  Teth  verses 65-72   For the armies of the Lord have advanced and now there is a repositioning in the camp / a mighty transition coming into this hour.  For the alarm is being sounded and the trump is blowing in the camp to call to order all the inhabitants of the Kingdom so that they may stand in the power and grace that the Father has placed upon them this day.  Arise and go forth and declare your righteousness by His blood and conquer those things that seemed impossible in the past.  For you are carrying the faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  The chariots are surrounding the camp as the tribes gather together as they shout a victorious war cry!!!

Day 10:  August 17th Psalm 119 —  Jod verses 73-80   Become aware of what is going on around you and why you have been called for this hour.  Your very life has been fashioned by the Lord and He has destined great things for you as you study his words.  They will speak to you words that will unlock mysteries and reveal truths that you have yet understood.  As these words unfold before you, tell those that are thirsty, waiting, needing real life and understanding of the heart.  Go out and bring salvation to those who are lost.  Bring them in and win their hearts at any cost.  For my salvation comes, The work is here before all to see and the reward to you is assured.  Prepare them to be redemption ready.

Day 11:  August 18th Psalm 119 —  Caph verses 81-88   The timings of the Lord are sure.  Don’t allow the pursuit of the enemy to cause you to walk in fear for Behold the Lord has ordered some things that can not be changed but he is also preparing a canopy, a covering that will protect you and keep you.  Stretch beyond your comfort zone and press in all the more — there are key timings, appointed times, set times, times of watching, and waiting.  HE is about to move — even an awesome release of His power will be manifest.  Suddenlies will even sweep the nations, as the cries of repentance continue to come forth.  The Lord shall move out of His place to see and execute His words. A ll is in His timing.

Day 12:  August 19th Psalm 119 —  Lamed verses 89-96   The Heavens and the Earth are shaking as the inhabitants of the Land shake with the truth of God’s word — it is conforming us, transforming us and helping us to see the seriousness of the hour that we are in.  We look up to the heavens for answers and even the skies and clouds seem ominous but those that trust in the Lord God Most High will be experience peace to their hearts and their minds.  In the peace there will be a strength, in the peace you will hear answers, in the peace you will be enlightened, and in the peace your words will have power.  Speak to the wind and speak to the waves and say Peace!!!

Day 13:  August 20th Psalm 119 —  Mem verses 97-104   Thank you for your favor for it has become my covering!!  Teach me of this favor that I may not abuse this grace.  Help me to know your word.  Help me not to just read it but to understand it fully.  Let it speak to me as I lay upon my bed and let it direct me through my Day.  I love your word, Oh Lord, and today I will embrace it until it becomes a part of me.  Let my heart carry holy testimonies, Let my lips sing the praises of your salvation, and Let my hands be lifted up to the heavens.  Your word has become my altar where I offer up praise unto your name.  I bless you in the holy place and I bless you with all my being.  I thank you for your loving kindness and I bless your holy name — I see the results of great favor — you are the tabernacle of my praise.

Day 14:  August 21st Psalm 119 —  Nun verses 105-112   The breath of the Lord has refreshed me and is bringing forth new life and new strength.  This is a day of rejoicing, he is bringing life to special things forgotten and breathing life into broken lifeless dreams.  So the Lord says to his people, “dream again!!!”   This is a time to awaken and revive — breath again and because this is the time to dream and live.  Dream of the coming days of the New Jerusalem, Dream of the days of heavenly reign and Dream of the King reigning in His Kingdom — give honor to the King who breathes life to all who gather.  He is the One who reigns upon the throne.  He’s the one with resurrection power!!!  He is our God and God alone!!


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