Recap from 2006


His Kingdom Prophecy share this re-publishing of Words from 2006 as they are relevant for today.  There is a clear resonance in these Words and those being released now….

As Prophet Priscilla Van Sutphin says: I was going through many of my personal words today, preparing for a book, and felt to share these….from 2006   Love, Pris


“BE ENCOURAGED, DAUGHTER of ZION for YOUR KING COMES QUICKLY NOW!  Living flames of fire emerging…living flames, TORCHES of LIGHT.  Angels of glee, angels of healing and revival, angels of MIGHT and REVELATION.  Angels of miracles and song, angels of deliverance and truth . Cutting through, cutting through the din of darkness to bring forth GREAT LIGHT!  BREAKING THROUGH THE STRONGHOLDS OF UNBELIEF!!!  DESTINY IS AT THE DOOR!

… I am doing things behind the scenes that you know nothing of. SURPRISES, doors of surprises are opening up.  Lots of goodies that have set on shelves for years are being restored.  Mantles that have lain dormant since many years previous are being restored and laid out before those I trust to say YES to ME & MY WAYS.

July 9th, 2006

Terror is coming to many a home.  I have been eliminating fear in you My beloveds so that you will be able to stand in the day of trouble.  Stirring up trouble is what the enemy longs to do to abort My work…

July 10th, 2006

Your identity is not in what you DO –  But who you ARE. THAT is why character is more important.  The do’s will come right when what’s on the inside comes right and is healed & also through exercising that persistence, Patience, etc.

It is exacting to do so, and in that you DIE.  You keep doing what is right even when you don’t feel it, and gradually, it STARVES out the demon so he has nothing to hold to.  Self denial is essential then to development of self control.

Self does what it wants versus what I want you to do for Me.  The more you yield to listening to Me, the easier it becomes to hear.  STOP,  LOOK,  LISTEN  is a good saying for the prophetic ones like Jeremiah . I told him , “Look Jeremiah, what do you see ?”  He stopped, he looked, and said almond tree, and listened.  You must re direct your focus more and more progressively on ME to stay in the spirit – to keep hearing – there is continual conversing back and forth, just like with human communication.

July 2006

FIRE I said, and FIRE will INCREASE.  So prepare your heart for UNION MY LOVE!  I am not weary of you, nor am I weary of anything.  I have it all in hand, all in control.  I am interweaving a tapestry of many colors and it will be very beautiful when I get through.  There are other people integral to what you will do, and who you will link to, so just stay open to what I want daily.  Keep pressing in to My heart in prayer and worship.  I am loosing the KINGDOM WINDS…. it is on the way!  I am BREAKING YOU FREE!  LOVE is overcoming all.  MY LOVE will melt away all the bondages and harangue of the enemy !

Destruction of America is destined by many a nation.  So many hate you, and hate that you stand with Israel.  Nation will come against nation and there will be great turmoil.  But I AM WITH YOU IN THE MIDST OF THE FIRE AND I WILL SUSTAIN YOU.  Cast ALL your cares on ME for I CARE FOR YOU!  I will care, I will take care of, I will nurture and sustain . I will transform and transfigure.  I will destroy all chains.

October 25th, 2006

Up pops a KING to vanquish the foe  –  Steeped in glory to remove the woe!

I will remove all that you want.  I will bring freedom from gazing and want.

I will shut out the maddening taunt of all the enemy spouts in your ear.

Vying for power, men trip on the track but waiting in the shadows with glory on their back are dozens and more of many I’ve prepared.  To stand up to the test, and do their best. I’m on schedule and I’m right on time.

Though it seems that I’m slack I’m not!  For in the shadows, I’ve been working a lot!  Behind the scenes I’ve laid out a banquet for many a soldier weary from battle.  Don’t be deceived by the hopelessness he shares [Satan].   Be discerning of all of his wares.  The devouring lion pounces and stares, but what is this he sees in the air?  Another LION, the KING OF KINGS HAS arisen with HOPE in His wings!

Life He imparts to His beloved so weak,  then off they will go like a lightening streak!  To do great exploits and to follow their King.  Nothing impossible is left in the wing.  All things are possible to him who waits,  For on My table I have laid a plate,  Of wine on the lees,  and a terrible fate To all opposition in this late date!  I’ve got many a martyr waiting in the wings,  Lives will change as My sickle I swing!  Harvest comes as My glory in LIGHT touches down to change the plight

Of all who are called by My glorious name.  And to the dogs, will go all the shame!  There are many who sought to make a name for themselves Who now will be set back on the shelves.  My glory I will not share with any other.  Shaking comes now with glorious thunder!  Men will be shaking in their boots in this season.  For many things they see, will they not be able to reason . REPENTANCE will come to many in the fray, as I ARISE to SAVE THE DAY !

November 3rd, 2006


I guarantee you things will NEVER be as they have been.  I AM EXPLODING ON THE SCENE, and the enemy will be routed, but also there will be bigger ones trying to crush what I am releasing, but they will not be allowed.  I am sending in many angels to guide and to hide, to lead and to protect.  So do not be afraid.  Come, COME, COME so I may pour out in you all that your heart desires.  TRUST ME that this is a NEW HOUR.

…. JOY will arise in your heart so strong and you will be led forth in PEACE. SHOWERS of blessing are on the way.  You have sown in tears, and you will reap in JOY !  I am your Beloved, and you are Mine.  NOTHING can snatch you out of My hands.  NOTHING,  NOTHING,  NOTHING.  REPLACEMENT THERAPY, remember ?

November 7th, 2006

Monstrous things are planned for those like you who have wanted to serve Me with all their hearts.  There are so many things to prepare for in your heart.  Do not weigh so heavy those things that are fleeting such as the things you have.  I’m not shutting down the ministry but expanding it.  Explosions in the natural and explosions in the spirit are coming.  Even as the enemy tries to spew out his lava and spew out his hordes of hell,  Will I rain down My righteousness,  and MY GLORY to combat it in the spirit.  I am not far, nor am I complacent as the circumstances have been made to seem.  I am working behind the scenes in everything that concerns your heart …

Learn to lean more on ME.  Learn to ask more questions, moment to moment again . I AM LEADING YOU.  There will be more love, more encouragement and refreshing for all.  It will grow more violent as the days proceed for I am longing to pour out MY SPIRIT on this MEXICAN community with great power!  The days you have longed for are here beloved.  Stay in expectation of changes and new things.

But much hassle that will cause stirrings of revolt and opposition to break forth.  Then the enemy will play his trump card and all things will change in the hearts of Americans.  Those given to evil will grow more evil.  Those given to want peace and love will bow to ME.  There will be no mistaking WHO is in CHARGE of this world when I get through.  Men will grow fearful and see the truth of all that is going on.  But for some it WILL be too late.

Keep in communion with ME.  Keep in HOPE.  I AM YOUR HOPE . I AM COMING.  More and more of My glory is coming to all who truly love me and want to walk in TRUTH and righteousness.  Hold fast to what you have and keep pressing in for more… resting in My love and pursuing revelation of My Word.

… MY LIFE will be imparted to the lost and dying and LIFE will come to the churches…  LIFE will be changed forever!  My life will CONSUME all flesh!  I am trumpeting a new sound in the earth.  It is a cadence of drums and marching of My army into victory!  Victory will be seen in prayer such as you have not seen before.

Everyone you pray for  –  believe that My word will effectively change them!  I am for you and I am with you and I am empowering you as you rest in Me and don’t strive.  I want you to enjoy the time you have left here as new demands will come, and new orders, then all will change.  So sharpen your sword My love, sharpen your sword.  Get ready to dance and dance, and dance !

by Priscilla Van Sutphin

of Upstream Ministries,
First published in California in 2006





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