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Return to Your Stronghold, You Prisoners of Hope — 5 Comments

  1. Why I have so many enemies who rise up against me. Put to shame and confusion those hate me without a cause.
    I am so glad to hear these encouraging words really you are giving me strength and hope everyday my dearest sister!

  2. Here I am again, Abba, you are speaking words, within me, you know me so well, every word, every thought, for you are abiding in me, and me in you. I thank you Abba Daddy, for your words are like honey to my lips, and your spirit is’like water, to my soul,and your light is a lamp unto my feet, Jesus, I love you. I love you. Jesus I love you. Oh my daddy, scatter my enemies, destroy all my enemies, remove them from my presence, let not my heart be troubled, no more pain, no more sufferings Daddy, set me free, from the wiles of the enemy, for what was meant for evil for me, turn it around upon them. Thank you Deborah, for sharing the Fathers Heart to me. God Bless you. I love you my sweet sister in him. Amen!

  3. This spoke to me resoundingly. In particularly the reference to “warrior bride”along with a few of your scriptural verses. He will never lose his splendor and he is well able to uphold all who are his.

    Thank you and continue to be bless in your heavenly calling.

  4. Wonderfilled encouragement, dear sister. Today truly was a day full of important decisions. Yes, yes and again yes: God will bless His servants with a double portion. Or 30-, 60, 100 fold, according to His Holy Word.

  5. I have been reading your posts since July – the time that satan entered my camp and plundered everything taking all my blessings hostage. Your words have served as great comfort and encouragement to anticipate deliverance.
    Four months later the enemy still ravages my life. I am beyond tired. And sincerely hope, look forward to, your words becoming manifest in my life. At some point the prophecies must take shape in the physical realm of our lives. Our bones returned to health and our stolen blessings returned. For man cannot live on words alone. Victory must come.
    Thank you for keeping me going.

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