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  1. Amen, I agree. I was a kid during the 70’s Jesus movement but I remember church meetings no one wanted to leave. Revival meetings that turned into weeks of meetings night after night.  People on their faces.  People slain in the spirit. People so excited they witnessed out on their streets, marched around downtown blocks, sang and preached to the drunks on skid row.  Now I hear so many saying, Revival isn’t coming, it is here but I haven’t seen anything like what it was then.  And I believe this next move will be far greater.

  2. There is something strange about revival. This is because it is more supernatural rather than natural. Revival is when the Holy Spirit is in control of the church. Jesus can be in first place, but church business can have equal first place and that is idolatry. Galatians 5:17 says that flesh is contrary to Spirit. Acts 17:6 speaks of turning the world upside down. The next move of the Holy Spirit will be a revolution (Junu Thomas, January, 2014). Revolution is a closure movement. If ministries are not fulfilled in the end times, when will they be fulfilled? Dr Strange

  3. Revival will come to the visible church when the reformed one comes out of hiding. How we treat one another is all that is important in the end. Something to remember this week because it is time. I kind of think there will be much crying and carrying on by many church leaders and those who just knew they had it right. Oh well ready or not here He comes in a people
    Take care not to kill him all over again because he did not come like you wanted him to. It was all written if you would have only let the one true God show you and not been duped by men. And all the people said amen brother we all pray Gods will be done not ours.

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