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Revive, Resuscitate and Restore! — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing this decree from the Lord. It confirms the word the Holy Spirit released to our fellowship during our corporate prayer time at the beginning of the year.Amen

  2. Dear Deborah

    I am grateful for this very aweosme word from the Lord as it speaks to my heart much.  The other day while at work I stopped my vheicle and called my friend to ask for prayer the utter exhaustion that I felt was extream.  Toughts of wanting to sell my buisness and home were just some of the things that crossed my mind. While crying on the phone as we were praying there was nothing left that in me to give or do. Being single for 24 years and bringing up my kids with all the rest of the responsibilites brought me to the end of burnout. On Good Friday of this year JESUS set me free from depression of 24 years and on that night I was awakened by THE HOLY SPIRIT AT 2:35 AM April 15/2017 with the song Wake up little Susie Wake up in the weaks following to this the Lord kept bring to me can these bones live from the book of EZEKIEL I have been asking the Lord to teach me how to speak life to the dead bones in my life every area that has no life just exsistance. and about a year ago in a store a framed picture on a wall got my interest it had the words IF YOU THINK SUNSHINE BRINGS YOU HAPPINESS TRY DANCING IN THE RAIN these words have had such an impact on me that I found a picture on the net and is now the wall paper on my cell phone.  So I thank you from my heart for your tenderness to hearing DAD’s voice and sharing it with family Blessings Sue

  3. Thank you Awesome Daddy, Wow, this is so so Awesome, Wonderful, to me.
    I Receive it the fullness of joy, joy, joy, Abundant joy, overflooding my being. Hallelujah !!!! Thank you for the downpour of Rain, as I sing, dance, and jump, for joy, in the abundance of Rain with you, Beautiful, are thy Words, this day, Hallelujah !!! Glory, to God !!!

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