Rise and eat for the journey is great!


For the Spirit of The Lord would say to you that the dominating spirit of Jezebel would love to control manipulate, and threaten you in an attempt to keep you in a place of silence and stop my voice from coming forth in this hour, as I prophetically speak and declare My declarations through you.

The plans and schemes of the enemy shall come to naught, for I The Lord God will send thy bread and thy water to sustain thee and strengthen thee not only in the natural, but in the spirit.

I will cause thee to rise and eat and go forth from this place even as I have done with the prophets of old and ye shall tread down thine enemies and they shall have no dominion over thee.

For that which I have purposed for thy life is that which I shall perform and I will continue to preserve thee and keep thee even as I have to this day, even as I have spoken to thee.  For I have placed My angels as a firewall of protection around thee and no one shall lay any change to my elect nor stop my purposes in any way saith the spirit, for I AM with thee to deliver thee from the hand of the enemy of from those that would oppress, hinder, and attempt to destroy the life that I have ordained for my purposes, saith The Lord thy God.

Rise now and eat for the journey before you is great and I have much to fulfill through you in the coming days ahead.

I will bring in the provision needed to accomplish my purposes, saith The Lord and I will remove far from thee any that would try to hinder or deter My purposes, saith the Spirit of the loving God!


~ Kimberly Fuller

Kimberly FullerKimberly Fuller



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