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Sea Of Eternity — 3 Comments

  1. Dear Sandi, yes! You may share it with whomever you feel will be blessed by reading it. The inspiration for this psalm came from a walk I had in my neighborhood where the native grasses grow and are waist high. As I walked, I heard in my spirit “Sea of Eternity”. I quickly pulled out my phone and made a note of it before I forgot, but instantly afterwards the rest of the psalm came out, and when I finished my walk, the psalm was nearly complete. The. LORD’s creation really speaks deeply to my soul and oftentimes I get lost in it. I am so glad this psalm gave you much healing and comfort. Peace and love to you! Gabrielle

  2. Dear Gabrielle, I was so blessed by this beautiful poem. May I share it? The sea really speaks to me. I felt waves of healing and comfort as I read your post. Love and blessings, dear one. Sandi

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