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Stand Still! See the Salvation of Your LORD! — 3 Comments

  1. I was praying for something in my family, and I looking for an instruction from God, so yesterday 3/6/16, around 4:00 am I felt that I wanted to pray, I got up and prayed.
    I really, really wanted an instruction from God. Then, I was shown this page, I have never been before. It was just like you were speaking to that very situation directly. Before I saw this page, I saw something like the characteristics of the spirit of wisdom James 3:17 one of the character Peaceable; so that catches my eye, that it gets to the heart of the situation you are in that is the point she starts, to bring peace and remove all worries and fear. Basically working inside and out to remove everything that should not be there! So then I knew God is speaking to me, through you regarding what I was asking God about.
    Thank you for letting God to use you as His tools!

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