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Caution: Something’s Coming Down Soon! — 5 Comments

  1. Dear Melissa, I join with you in this prayer to our Father.
    These are the cries of my heart before His Throne, day and night.
    I love you my sister.

  2. ♥♥♥HE WILL SELAH TO US HIS WILL WISDOM MESSAGE♥♥♥ be assured fully.
    Go to Scriptures, Pray, Obey the Written Laws since Creation..! AMÉN..!
    Believed..! Ignoring Prophecies turn into sorrows from the point of not return..!

  3. Dear Almighty God, please deliver us from this Evil. My Lord no man can save us not even our beloved President Trump. The evil is to great and no man can deliver us from those who have joined Satan’s Army. Please my Lord, please deliver us from this vile Evil. My God who can I call upon but you my Creator to deliver all the World from this vile Evil? Please show the World you are God and this World is yours NOT Satans. Please be silent no more my Protector, my Deliver, my God, my Lord I AM.
    All my Love, Melissa

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