Stop playing with sin and stand against it!

A Word of correction and rebuke to the body of Christ!


This morning while I was in prayer, The Lord spoke to me and said, “he is rebuking pride!

God wants to resurrect some things!  He said, shall he that contend with the almighty instruct Him?  He that reproveth God, let him answer it, now!

God is asking many of you a question and He is demanding an answer.  Just as he did Job.  The Lord had to humble Job and let him know that he was nothing before the almighty God!  Just as He is saying today many of you on today!

For sometimes,we began to question God concerning the things that He has assigned us to do, the trials and tests that He is putting us through or the way that God is doing things, period.  Just as Job did.

Job recognized that he had went too far in his speech and words to the almighty God!  And God saw that Job needed to be reproved; and as a result, Job immediately humbled himself in the sight and the presence of The Lord.  He said, “I am unworthy — how can I reply to you?  I put my hand over my mouth.  I spoke once, but I have no answer — twice, but I will say no more,”   (Job 40: 4-5).

God is speaking today that many times He places us in different situations and instead of us going through them, we grumble and complain.  We question God as to “why” we are still on Facebook; why aren’t we further along in our ministries as we could be; the covering that we are under; God why haven’t you healed me yet; how long will I be broke without resources; the assignments that he has given us; why aren’t the people giving like they should; why is it that we are still in the same church under the same leadership; why aren’t our husbands (wives) treating us righy; why we are not married yet and still alone?

But God is saying, “Where ever he places us and whatever he has told us to do and whatever places you find yourself: let us learn to be content in whatever state that we are in!”  (Philippians 4: 10-13).

God wants you to know that when we walk in a place of pride, it blinds you to the things of God.  And it not only blinds you, but it makes you feel as though you are deserving of more than what God has intended for you.  And as a result, you end up walking in flesh with a veil over your eyes.

God wants to pull the veil off of your eyes today.  Just as he did Job!  For, I hear God saying, “Be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass: for he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was.  But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.  If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man’s religion is vain.  Pure religion and undefiled before God and the father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world,”   (James 1: 22-27).

So, let us not just be a hearer, but a doer of God’s word!  Let us learn to accept what The Lord is trying to convey unto us on today.  And let us not be like Korah who was rebellious to the things of God.

Korah was a wicked and rebellious man and his motives where impure.  Instead of him supporting Moses, he decided that he would try to destroy both his reputation and his ministry by speaking words against him that was false.  When we are ambitious, selfish, and blinded by a spirit of pride we will do anything to get a head.  No matter who we have to hurt to do it.

But, God is never pleased when we spread accusations against his man and or woman of God to advance ourselves in the Kingdom of God.  Korah thought by confronting Moses and bringing a false accusation that it would promote him; but instead the trap he sat ended up causing him both shame and ruin in the sight of the people and God.

God is not going to support the works of darkness when it is done out of malice, jealousy, spite and vindictiveness to hurt what he has sent to do a true work for him.  Many times we fight against others in the Kingdom of God and we feel like why isn’t God supporting and backing us in our mess, but what you must know is that when evil is involved God can not and will not go back on his own word.

For, He said, “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness?  And what communion hath light with darkness?  And what concord hath Christ with Belial?  Or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?  And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols?  For ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.  Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith The Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.  And will be a father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith The Lord almighty,”   (2 Corinthians 6: 14-18).

The Lord spoke to me to tell the people that many of you are teaching false doctrine to the people when it comes to dealing with accusations and sin in the church.  

He sad that when you openly sin; you should be openly rebuked; in fact it is better than secret love,  (Proverbs 27:5).

You see, Moses confronted Korah and told him to come out of hiding because he had challenged Moses regarding the priesthood.  Korah was rebellious and was trying to pollute the tribe of Moses with lies and accusations, but Moses was not having it.  In fact Moses calls him out and takes the problem to God; as he should have to stop the infestation of the tribe.  God is speaking and he is saying that many of you leaders cover your eyes and pretend you don’t see what is going on in the church because you are spineless creatures with no boldness and guts, but God never intended for the leaders to cover there eyes at sin; especially: the five fold ministry.

He said that some people are going to say you should not confront the sin and leave it to God to fight but Moses was a man of God and he was not going to allow that Korah spirit to infest what God had anointed him to protect.  It is time to arise and confront every Korah spirit that is not like God in this season!   (Numbers 16:1-21).

God is speaking, and He is saying that many times He does this so that others may fear.  And if a man has an ought against his brother you are too do the following: “if your brother sins, go and show him his fault in private; if he listens to you, you have won your brother. but if he does not listen to you, take one or two more with you, so that by the mouth of two or three witnesses every fact may be confirmed,”   (Matthew 18: 15-16).

The bible says, to rebuke not an elder.  There is a process for those among the five-fold-ministry, when an elder’s sins are is found unworthy to preach and to teach in the church or the body of Christ.  “Against an elder, receive not an accusation, but before two or three witnesses.  Then that sin, rebuke before all, that others also may fear.  I charge thee before God, and The Lord jesus Christ, and the elect angels, that thou observe these things without preferring one before another, (we should not have respect of persons in the church when it comes to correction and reproof: because it brings strife and shame on the body of Christ when we do this, for God is no respect of persons) doing nothing by partiality,”   (1 Timothy 5:19-21).

God is sending correction and rebuke to the body of Christ and He wants you and I to do everything decently and in order.  Satan, The Lord rebuke the spirit of pride!


~ Apostle Geraldine Fisher

Prophetess Geraldine FisherApostle Geraldine Fisher has a World-Wide-Social Media Net-Work Ministry. Saved for over 30-years, as a Missionary, God moved her into the Office of a Prophet and continues to revealed to her the qualities of a True prophet: humility, humiliation, love others and intercede in prayer as she keeps her own life clean to accurately hear from God. God revealed True prophets draw believers to Christ; NOT wanting or seeking self praise, as the work is about God, not SELF. Since hearing the audible voice of God calling her into prophetic ministry, she has been on this journey, called to intercede and to pray on behalf of others in the ministry as God speaks to her, instructing, directing and dropping a prophetic word for her, to give to others. To prepare her for her prophetic call, God promised He would bringing her to sit and to learn before great men, all of which He did!

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