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Supernatural Grace for now and 2016 — 13 Comments

  1. I too struggled in 2015.  I felt like I was in a spiritual desert.  But I know God is faithful and the vision will come.  Be blessed and encourage and thank you for sharing this powerful word.

  2. I believe and receive every word as confirmation to my life, because from year 2000 upto now I have experienced all these tribulations in my life. Now I await for restoration and fulfillment of the promises. Thank you Jesus!

  3. I receive Gods word.I have gone through everything you spoke over the past twenty years, I received the birthing right now in Jesus name! Thank you God now is my time

  4. I had to add that the seeds planted inside of my womb, is Ready to give birth. 
    You are really Speaking to me, yes you are.  I have endured some of the most heartbreaking sorrows, pain, beyond what a human in the flesh could possibly endured, yet I held on many, many years, kept the faith knowing, the God I serve is faithful, for he has chosen me, before the foundations of the world, has kept me, sustain me through the trials, the testing, the fires, it has been long suffering, yet I remained faithful, pure, with a childlike faith, knowing he is a God, that does not lie.
    I am so grateful to have come across this prophetic word this night, for it is a sure word spoken deep within my heart from the Father’s throne of grace for me.
    I am blessed, so blessed, it is an honor to receive a true prophetic words spoken at this time for me. God bless you precious heart for sharing to me.

  5. Awesome, I take it for December 2015 and through 2016, my birthing is Now this is my moment, I will give birth now into 2016 Glory to God. I’m determine, I take God at his words spoken over my life, my blessing is Now, you have spoken what I have endured, now it is reaping season to come forth as a mighty river over flowing my being, for I am anointed, highly favored, blessed beyond measure, his Greatness abides in me, a chosen vessel of honor. Glory to our King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, awesome prophetic words bears witness to my soul. Amen

  6. Amen. I receive. Thank you Father and thank you Father for your instruments that brings us uplifting, hope and faith. Please Lord, bless each of them 100-fold.

  7. Brother i read your wonderful words regularly, thank you!.
    Me and my family have been going through disaster after disaster and today is pathetic !!
    I am over this holding on and waiting for a blessing breakthrough if only God would bring relief .
    Could you pray for us please.
    God bless you.

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