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  1. “因此,为了基督的缘故,我很高兴并以软弱、侮辱、艰辛、迫害、困惑和痛苦为乐;因为当我 [人的力量] 虚弱时,我 [真正] 坚强(有能力,拥有神圣的力量)。

    爱永远不止熄灭!神的爱在我们中间!并要成就活出来!我相信活祭,一定是活的! :D

    [ HKP : Google Translate : ” “Therefore, for Christ’s sake, I rejoice and rejoice in weakness, insult, hardship, persecution, confusion, and pain; Because when I [human strength] is weak, I am [really] strong (capable, possesses divine power).

    Love never goes out! God’s love is among us! And live out the achievements! I believe that a living sacrifice must be alive! :D ” ]

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