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The Beating Heart Of Jesus — 3 Comments

  1. Gabrielle, What a lovely poem, I am working on my heart book this morning and I have to say, these words grabbed my heart this morning and made my heart glad..made my heart sing, made my heart beat with the sound of his voice speaking words of love and refreshment into my soul. Thanks so much for be His vessel of honor to send His goodness every morning, Love and blessings for your day, Sandi

  2. Gesù♡ è il Re! Il Re sta per tornare! Io lo sto aspettando!

    [ HKP : Google Translate : “Jesus♡ is the King! The King is coming back! I am waiting for it!
    Amen♡” ]

  3. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…
    I wait upon The LORD
    Waiting for His Presence
    Peace filters in, whispering:
    Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…
    Yes I can feel the rhythm of my heart beating,
    It’s softly calling:
    Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…
    Thank you JESUS

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