The Bringer of Independence



“Today I bring great independence to many nations.

My earth, it moans at the loss of so many.

My People, open your eyes and stand for righteousness.

Stand for the Glory, for the love and the honor of My Kingdom.

Rest your heart upon the anguish of the people of this land, and unite!

Stand in love and honor to one another, and move in peace.

My hand has taken the wrath of the enemy and moved him.

I speak to the love and authority I lay before you.  Peace stands before you, and yet you choose to be in chaos.

Oh My People, look and see the division brought upon you.

See how you have partnered with the works of the enemy.  Oh look and see how you have been corrupted.

My hand comes and wipes away the tears of the earth.  Stand in great honer, walk in integrity, and love one another.

Take the hand of your neighbors and unite, love with the authority I have given.

Bring peace upon the earth this day.  For My mighty sword shall once again bring the peace to the earth.

Oh great nation stand upon this day and remember the great and mighty war that brought you to your knees.

Remember those that fought and brought freedom to you.

As you stand a celebrate look and see each other united as one.

See this nation strong see the courage that is before you and love.”


~ Deb Zickafoose

Deb Zickafoose imageDeb Zickafoose



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