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  1. Praise the Lord, giving him all honor and glory! Thanking Father God for the sacrifice of his son, my Savior, my all for sacrificing his life for the entire world, all of the nations.

    God bless you Dr. and Minister June Sheltrown Reinke, thanking God for you and the holy service provided with posting what he has placed on your heart to present publicly.

    I would love to talk to you 1 on 1, one day. As I feel that the Lord has used and yet using to speak to many, but definitely me. I’ve been through a lot, but your encouraging and inspiring words have grabbed my attention, as if God is speaking directly to me.

    He has delivered me from much over the last few days, from smoking, pornography, drinking, procrastination and the street life. But I thank you Dr. June for sharing your posts, a tremendous blessing to me.

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