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The Church in America is so Blinded! — 2 Comments

  1. Some year ago I was unsure about if I was righteous or not about my ‘sowing’ because I did not give to the beggars who sits outside almost every store in our town.
    So I prayed God to tell me if I was righteous or not because this thing really bothered me and I felt guilty for not give any money to them.

    God answered in the way that during a period when I passed a beggar they uttered things to me (but no others that passed them) which was a clear manifestation of the spirits which was behind this ‘begging’.

    One must understand that the evil one will try to steel the seeds of money or time or whatever the Father has ordained us to do according to His Will.
    To be called ‘evil’ if one rather obey God’s ways of righteousness than the world’s way of ‘charity’ is what one has to count among the sufferings for righteousness sake we as believers are called to endure. 

    So we never – if we not prefer to do dead works – need to ask what Jesus would do because He did nothing without that the Father showed Him.

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