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The Crooked Church Walls — 3 Comments

  1. I had just finished reading Amos 7 and was confused because I didn’t know what a plumb line was, I was going to google it and found your post. I thank our Father God for always answering our questions and I thank you for your post. Please keep sharing the truth your voice is so needed in this hour!! God Bless You

  2. Thank you for showing me the truth, I just finished reading Amos 7 and didn’t understand what a plumb line was? Then I read your post. I think God for always answering our questions and for your honest post. Please keep sharing your voice is needed in this hour,God Bless you

  3. This is an extraordinary, profound word. It shows, I think, God’s true motivation for the difficult things to come. Another prophet on this site echoed this awhile back-that it will be necessary for God to tear down existing structures in the church, in order to rebuild on a true foundation. What a perfect word picture this is-our church was built with crooked walls, and that defect has only been amplified over time. Thank you for this word!

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