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The Crown Rights of King Jesus — 3 Comments

  1. The words which you spoke are Living Words for they are from the heart of our Heavenly Father. They were soothing to my soul and to the souls of those who read them. They penetrate deep within us. It is as though fresh oil had been poured upon us to heal all of our wounds and brokenness and to restore us to wholeness. For others, it was what they have hung onto all of these years. It was refreshing to all of us and I thank God for having sent you to share these words.

    Our King is King Jesus and He is fully in control of all that is taking place on the earth at this time. We are to trust Him and to know that He has not forgotten us. He loves us so very much. He has chosen us for such a time as this. Rather than complain, we should rejoice that we live in this time frame. Yes, I shall rejoice in my King and see things from His perspective and walk in faith knowing that He knows best and that we are the victorious Church. All hail, King Jesus! We love You and trust You! Your ways are far above our ways and we submit to Your ways and to Your timing. We thank You for having saved us and pray that a plentiful harvest comes into Your Kingdom. May we be Your harvesters on the earth. We thank You and bless Your Most Holy Name!

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