The Father Says Today – July 2018

Daily prophecy for July 2018, republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry.
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July 22, 2018.   The Father says today, experience the fire of My Spirit.  In your life, I AM a consuming fire, and in the furnace of refining I am perfecting you and burnishing you into My image.  Make it your determination to render every aspect of your life combustible in My presence.  Refuse to allow yourself to be emotionally invested in those things that are only wood, hay and stubble.  I have called you to higher things, says the Father, so open your heart and your mind to the cleansing wind that is blowing in this season of time and in the circumstances you are walking through.  Only those things that are reflective of My character will remain in your life as you say yes to My “yes” and trust Me to be the fourth man in your fire.

What I’m saying, says the Father, is I AM turning up the heat, not to destroy you but to answer the very cry of your heart.  Determine to rid yourself of that one toxic relationship that has torpedoed your destiny and robbed you of the joy that is your portion.  Lot had no place with Abraham.  There are those in your life such as Lot – they cannot go where I AM taking you.  Set your affection upon the throne and allow Me to give you the grace to set aside your Ishmaels and every compromised relationship and situation, that I might bring you forth and cause you this day to ride in the high places of the earth as is your calling and your ultimate destiny.

July 21, 2018.   The Father says today, you are acquitted from the reign of death.  The overflowing fullness of the free gift I gave on Calvary is your portion.  The trespasses of sin are dealt with in the singular act of My compassion poured out upon your life in a moment of time.  The offense of sin cannot hold you.  The consequence of death is eclipsed in the love that I have lavished upon you.  The grace that saves you now issues your acquittal from the weight of sin, lack, death, and diminishment.  That single deed of righteousness I affected on the cross IN YOUR BEHALF is the entire basis of every answered prayer and every intervention of My hand in your life.

When you come to Me therefore, says the Father, come leaning upon the merits of Christ.  Who I AM on the inside of you obliterates your past, cleanses your present and secures your future.  Fear not!  In My love there is no fear.  You are the singular object of My love and My beneficence.  I AM your Benefactor, your Healer, your Provider, your All in All.  This is My highest longing and desire for you – that the work of the Cross finds its full expression in your experience on this side of heaven.  Heaven come to earth is the ONLY template and plan I AM working on in your life, so rejoice and expect and anticipate My goodness today beyond measure!

July 20, 2018.   The Father says today, run into the high tower of My name.  When you believe in My name, the attributes of My name become the descriptor of your life.  My name is Wonderful and in wonder you will see the salvation of your God do for you what you cannot do for yourself.  My name is Counselor and in My counsel your plans will be established and succeed.  My name is Prince of Peace and My peace takes you where your understanding cannot go.  My name is Mighty God, and in My power you will see the walls of division brought low and the valley made high as you go forth experiencing what My dominion looks like in the life of one who trusts implicitly in My watch care over their life.

My name is your covert from storm and your shelter in the midst of battle.  You need never speak one word in your defense for I AM your Defender.  You need not wallow in shame from the errors of the past for I AM your Refiner, perfecting you until you are the mirror image of My glory.  Shake off the coping mechanisms of failure and disappointment.  Choose no longer to cringe when the phone rings or the knock at the door comes, for it is My favor and My provision tracking your steps to bless you and give you a life worth living.  Don’t look to the things that are behind you but look to the things that are ahead. Blessing and benefit and abundance beyond your ability to anticipate.  That is who I AM and that is what I do, and you are immanently eligible for all My name affords to those who put their confidence in Me.

July 19, 2018.   The Father says today, make kingdom oriented choices.  When your plans are not inclusive of the Kingdom they come to nothing.  Always figure in the miracle I will bring about when your faith challenges the odds against you.  Never allow yourself to think small thoughts or make small plans.  I AM a big God.  Think bigger.  Plan bigger.  When My mind and My heart are online in your decision making process, nothing will stand before you.  Not circumstance, or demon, or man or beast will resist the intentionality of a man or woman walking in alignment with My word and My governance.

You don’t need to plan for the contingencies of failure.  What you plan for is what you will get.  It is not necessary to plan around the obstacles in front of you.  The mountain will move and the circumstance will bow in trembling submission when your thinking and your purpose become indistinguishable from My own.  I AM communicating.  I AM whispering to you in the night saying, “this is the way, walk you in it…”  All that is required of you is the quietude of spirit to say “speak Lord, for thy servant heareth…”  What comes after in terms of victories won and enemies defeated are just details.

July 18, 2018.    The Father says today, I only work with the willing.  My purpose is to establish My benign authority over willing human beings in the earth who will submit to My reign.  In yielding to Me, it becomes your portion to experience the infinite joy of My governance in your life.  In so doing, I will deploy you and use you to bring about in the earth the ultimate victory over unrighteousness that is the end result of what I AM doing in your life in small ways and great ways.  This is My purpose in the earth.  This is My answer to your question.  You may not think there is a causal link between what you are crying out for and what I AM establishing, but that is where your trust and confidence in Me factors in.

Do you trust Me, says the Father?  Everything and everyone connected with My purpose is busied about with establishing My divine government in the earth.  Are you connected with My intentionality?  Then of the increase of My government in your life, there will be no end.  I will not tolerate the encroachment of the enemy against you.  This is your portion daily as you connect with My beneficence and My Lordship as a willing and yielded vessel.  I have great and mighty things that I want to do in the earth, and in your life, says the Father, but I need cooperation.  Give Me some cooperation, and I will give you the change you have cried out for.  I will loose your bonds and free you up for the fullness of all that I have promised.

July 17, 2018.   The Father says today, you get to have it all.  When you purpose in your heart to be a Kingdom seeker, then My response is to see to it that you get to have it all.  No good thing will I withhold from those that walk in the righteousness that I have afforded them in My Kingdom.  Align yourself with that truth and give yourself over to the change and the adjustments necessary to open yourself wide to that which I have for you.  Know that being found faithful is the first priority of every day of the world that you are living out your testimony in this side of heaven.

Be committed to change, says the Father.  Say in your heart, change isn’t harmful, change is beneficial.  Litigate against that part of your character that embraces fixity at all costs.  You must be given over to change and be amenable to change. Standing on the street corner of life waiting for past glory to return is vanity.  Waiting idly for your ship to come in some day in the vague, distant future is a deception.  What you do now makes all the difference.  My Kingdom doesn’t come by observation, so commit yourself to doing what you see Me do in every single day.  Then you will, by your actions reorient yourself for the outpouring of the full load of the benefit of heaven to be poured out in response to your faith.

July 16, 2018.   The Father says today, withdraw yourself from bitter and angry people.  There is a root system in bitterness that will contaminate your spirit and rob you of the joy that is your portion.  Stay rooted in who I am in your life and what I have spoken over you by My word and by My Spirit.  When I put man in the garden, I commanded him to tend and to keep it.  Your spirit, your human spirit is an internal ecosystem just like that garden, and you as well must tend it and keep it against the predations of the enemy to take from you all that I have accorded you in the shed blood of Calvary.

When offense comes, says the Father (and it WILL come – that is inevitable), make a conscious choice to have no opinion and keep on loving.  Keep your spirit from offense and refuse to pick up the offenses of others.  You are not responsible for failure in the lives of others, even when they blame and accuse you of all manner of evil.  Bring all such controversy to Me and lay it on the altar of your service to Me.  I will cleanse and keep you and continually move you forward on the highway of holiness that is your access way to highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.

Jul 15, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM for you.  I AM not against you.  The sacrifice of the cross is My mission statement to bring you to life and life more abundantly.  Every element of your life that detracts away from My highest and best purpose for you is in opposition to how I think about you and what I have planned.  Your life is not about downturn.  I place no premium upon human suffering, hence the price was paid on Calvary to bring you back to the experience of “as in heaven, so on earth.”

Know this, says the Father; you are now moving into upgrade.  Though the enemy may pressure you and circumstances intimidate you, keep moving forward in faith.  Keep expecting good, better and best as your portion.  Commit yourself to the high call, for I have anointed you and called you.  All that is left is for you to be found faithful.  Your faithfulness and your audacious expectation of My goodness to be radically manifest in your life will open the doors that have held you bound and thrust you out into a whole new geography of blessing, entitlement, and benefit – all by My design and according to the delight that I have in you, My beloved.

July 14, 2018.   The Father says today, it is time to make a new goal of faith for yourself and your loved ones.  Choose a higher watermark of blessing for your life than you have believed for in the past.  Far too many of My children will blush when they get to heaven and see how far below their privileges they lived while on the earth.  I AM not a bankrupt God, and I AM not on a budget.  I AM not doing a cost/benefits analysis when I make up My mind whether or not to answer your prayer.  Don’t come in with a low bid in faith.  Believe for the biggest and the best possible results in answered prayer and outpoured glory!

You are not waiting on the transfer of the wealth; you ARE the transfer of the wealth.  Because you made it your determination to let Me spend you like change in My pocket – I will reward, and I will bless you.  Remember this, says God – you do not have to earn what I have freely given you!  On the other side of obedience, there is a rich reward because I am a loving Father.  You are not estranged from Me, and I AM not holding Myself aloof from your need or the cry of your heart.  Make your needs known.  Call out to Me the full scope of your vision and not what a religious mentality might estimate it can talk Me into.  Be audacious.  I challenge you to presume upon My goodness and see it poured out upon you in the land of the living!

July 13, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM not bound by time or space, and neither are you.  Don’t look around you and feel as though you are stifled or suffocated.  I AM populating your space with My glory in ways that will CREATE opportunity for greatness for you where none existed before.  The plan hasn’t changed.  Circumstances may vary, and the names change regarding those that were bidden to come but they had something else to do – but My plan for your life is still on time and on target.  Do not worry about resources, for I AM the God that not only creates wealth, but I AM also the God that gives YOU the power to CREATE wealth out of the release of your own faith.

Have faith then in your faith, says God, because I gave it to you.  There are those who rejected this truth in times past because they were not willing to go ALL THE WAY to see the further fulfillment of what I had in mind for them.  Are you ready to go ALL THE WAY, says God?  I have purposed, will My purposes be overthrown?  I have chosen, will man’s opposition foil My plans?  I AM the ultimate territorial Spirit, says God, and I will not, I repeat, WILL NOT relinquish ground in your life that I have purchased and paid for with the shed blood of Calvary. Look to Me and trust Me.  Know that I AM working.  Know that the best case outcome, beyond all your expectations is coming to pass, even NOW.

July 12, 2018.   The Father says today, step into a new place of knowing.  I haven’t called you to THINK.  I have called you to KNOW.  When you KNOW, the gift of who I AM on the inside of you is then activated and made manifest.  The natural mind is not part of this process.  The logical mind is inherently at enmity with My Kingdom.  The natural mind cannot receive or process My thoughts.  Get your attention off the limitations of physicality and stressful situations that demand your attention.  Adopt My mind and walk out of darkness and into the light that I AM on the inside of you.

Darkness can no longer hold you, says God.  Darkness is moving away from you and blessing is coming in its place.  The strategies of dealing with those things that you couldn’t change or make better will be unnecessary.  The pressures coming against you even from difficult people are subsiding as the entitlement of sons surrounds you and fills your inmost being.  Your name is recorded in the archives of heaven.  You are a privileged child of a loving Father.  I call you by name and lead you out this day, leaving debt, darkness, and controversy behind and moving up to the place of promotion and privilege prepared for you from the foundation of the world.

July 11, 2018.   The Father says today, I have given you My hearing ear.  Your inner man, your spirit was created as an instrument to hear My sound, says the Father, even My voice as the sound of many waters.  Down in the deepest part of you, My sound is made known with crystal clarity.  Give heed to My sound.  Yield to My sound that is reverberating the depths of your inner man.  When outward things and adverse circumstances demand your focus, turn again to My sound on the inside of you.  My sound is a note of dominion and victory.  My sound is healing and transformation. What you have waited and waited and waited on to come from without of My deliverance in your life actually originates inside your own human heart.  You are My temple.  You are the place of My habitation.  I have set My throne within you, and it is at My throne I invite you to commune and ascend to a position of complete and undisturbed composure.

Know this says God, I AM an inside God doing an inside job in your life.  Outward dependency is a distraction.  Outward dependency is idolatry.  Reject all suggestions that I AM doing something or that I AM going to do something outside of HERE and NOW.  I AM a HERE and NOW God because that is where you need Me most.  I AM not far off.  The gulf between us because of sin is removed in the shed blood of Calvary.  Receive your at-one-ment this day.  Know that I have no other desire than that you come into a place of oneness and intimacy with Me.  Everything that I AM doing in your life proceeds from and originates in intimacy.  In the place of intimate communion, you will find the full demonstration of My power that arises in you and flows out from you to deliver and shift and change those things that seem so far beyond your ability to change.

July 10, 2018.   The Father says today, do not forsake your own mercy.  As face answers to face in a glass, so the heart of man answers to the heart of man.  What you see in others creates a composite reflection in your own life.  When criticism and complaint constitute the dominant filter through which you view others, you set yourself up for the assault of the enemy.  It is not about being right.  It is not about being a self-appointed arbiter of another’s actions.  Let the law of kindness be in your mouth today.  Let words of mercy govern all your dealings with those around you.  As you sow kindness and walk in mercy, you will find yourself stepping into upgrade.  Are you ready for an upgrade in My Kingdom?  It is available as you accord to others the patience and sweetness of spirit you wish to be accorded in your own life.

Look for opportunities to let people off the hook.  When you filter the actions of everyone around you in terms of propriety and spirituality, you set yourself at naught and shut down the flow of My blessings in your life.  Remember this – I send rain on the just and the unjust.  While you were yet unlovely and an enemy of the cross, I gave Heaven’s Best to redeem and recover you to Myself.  Extend the same clemency toward those who offend and insult you.  Let love’s response determine what you do next.  It is not about getting what you deserve or what others have coming.  It is about progressing every day into a deeper place of love and compassion.  Love is kind.  Love is lenient.  Love tolerates the intolerable knowing that nothing escapes My attention and I will reward you when you choose to reflect My character and not your own flawed perspective toward the people that displease you most.

July 9, 2018.   The Father says today, become God inside minded.  I AM not a far-off God.  I AM not found in some vague, far off place beyond you – I AM as close to you as your hands and your feet.  Your help does not come from some other dimension that you do not have access to.  I AM a here and now God.  I AM in your life to deliver and make you free.  I AM an immediate and present reality.  I AM present to heal.  I AM present to provide.  I AM present to bare My arm to meet the need and conquer the enemy that is encroaching upon your life.

Adopt the deep-down conviction that you are one with Me and I am one with you.  We are facing this day and walking through these challenges together and not apart.  Religion teaches you the protocols of separation and estrangement, but I AM not estranged from you.  I AM not withholding Myself from you in any way.  That is not what you have always been taught, but you be a Father-pleaser and set your focus upon who I AM on the inside of you to lift your head and set you in a place of promotion and acceleration into that place of destined glory that is your portion by My hand.

July 8, 2018.   The Father says today, you have just crossed the boundary of what is and are moving into what will be.  Listen closely and keep your attention on the Holy Ghost GPS that I have placed within you.  Did I not say I would guide you into all things?  Then listen to My voice when it is necessary to correct the wrong turn that only lands you in a dead end situation or relationship.  You will hear My voice saying “recalculating…” because there was deviation from what I originally had in mind.  This is how I will keep you from being condemned to a “plan B” outcome.

My purpose in your life is all about highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  Don’t assume you know exactly what that looks like and I can absolutely assure you that you have NO IDEA about exactly how I will get you there.  It is time to get rid of the ballast of unnecessary, unhelpful relationships and involvements that have only slowed you down and left you discouraged. Stop listening to those on the sidelines of your life.  They are only those “do nothings” whose only wisdom is that there is nothing to do.  I have a plan and it is unfolding whether you see it or perceive it.  I AM bringing you to your blessing place.

July 7, 2018.   The Father says today, it is time for a change of diet.  Your spiritual BMI, the body mass index of your human spirit needs some adjusting.  I want you to push back from the high carb, high sugar messages of those whose message is a mile wide and a half inch deep.  You will never have strength to ride in the high places of the earth till you get away from the sugar rush of preaching and teaching with no depth and with no substance.  The weakness that you feel is that of a profound deficit in your spiritual diet.  I am calling you out, says God, to find the meat to eat that the casual and the self-referred will never have an appetite for.  You have languished and you have struggled long enough.  Let’s change all that shall we?

Launch out into the deeps of My Spirit, says God.  Launch out into the deeps and find a message and a messenger who will challenge your suppositions and actually require something of you.  You have cried out for My glory.  It is My ORDER that brings that glory.  Purpose to be well ordered in My house and in My purposes.  This is more than rolling in green grass and drinking from still waters.  Who is the apostle in your life?  Who is the prophet in your life?  Where is that office gift that reproves, rebukes and corrects you, not for their own pleasure but for your own good?  Come out of the play pen of spiritual things, says the Father.  It is growing up time.  It is time to grow up into the full stature of who I AM in your life.

July 6, 2018.   The Father says today, I am an all or nothing God.  Your life is My delightsome land and I will not yield one footfall of the territory of your heart to the enemy.  My Lordship of your life is not a shared custody situation.  I AM the God who is your ALL IN ALL.  I will not allow for one moment the enemy to come in at any point to lay claim to territory in your life.  The enemy is a carrion eater beloved, condemned to survive on the dust of the earth.  Let it be said in your testimony that the prince of this world comes and has nothing in you as he found nothing in Me in the hour of My passion.  This is a critical time for you and what you do next will determine the character of your life for years to come.

My voice is the voice of many waters, says God.  My waters are the waters of Shiloh that refresh and renew you to be fresh for the fight.  You are in battle, says God, make no mistake about it.  Never lay down in a battle zone.  Never take your eye off the objectives of faith and fullness that I have promised in your life.  Keep yourself in a place of close watching and intent listening as I guide you at times, even in the most minute and seemingly minor things.  Though others live casual lives of ease and inattention, I AM calling you into close combat with your own sinful tendencies and the enemy of your soul.  The only outcome as you trust and rely on Me will be total and complete victory in every area of your life.

July 5, 2018.   The Father says today, captivity is being broken in your life.  The chains of darkness that have held you are dissolving at this very moment.  Your freedom so long fought for is now manifest by the power of the Cross.  Shame is washed away.  I say to you there is no more shame for there is no more remembrance of those things done in darkness in the captivity and torment of your soul.  Release and freedom are yours as a bird from the snare of the fowler, says God.  Breathe in of My clemency and forgiveness.  Take the cleansing of My Spirit down into the deepest parts of your inner man as I make all things new again at levels you have never experienced before.

I AM that I AM in your life, says the Father.  Though it may be you have never taken one step in freedom, it is yours today.  The joy of your salvation is coming upon you to wash away the torment and sorrow of things past.  They are forgotten.  As I said in My word I remember them no more.  What I choose not to remember ceases to exist, therefore refuse to call back what is only false guilt.  You are not guilty.  You are clean.  You are clean this day through the word that I speak to you.  This is your portion, for I call you My beloved and My delight is in your liberty that you might take flight into the heights of My glory and know Me as your rescue beyond all your expectations.

July 4, 2018.   The Father says today, you are one substance with Me.  When I came into the earth, I emptied Myself of all the attributes of My glory in heaven.  I then paid the price that you would know Me as the WAY and to ascend into My throne and be seated with Me at the right hand of the Father.  You are accepted in the beloved.  As I AM in the heavens so are you in the earth.  How am I?  How am I in the heavens at the right hand of the Father?  Am I sick?  Am I impoverished?  Am I in brokenness?  Then do not accept any of these lying conditions and circumstances in your own life on the earth.  You are the Entitled ones of My throne.  Nothing shall by any means harm you.  Believe the good report and see the full manifestation of all I paid for you on Calvary.

Make it your determination that you will not limit yourself by finite or natural understanding.  Your station in life will not and cannot impede My ability to bless you.  Your economic status is no hindrance to the plan I have to bring you into your blessing place.  Your ethnicity, your marital status – none of these things can bar or impede the outpouring of My glory and blessing upon you.  Change your mind about such things, says God.  Forget the past.  Forget the egregious failures of times gone by.  I AM here.  I AM moving.  I AM raising you up and setting your feet in a sure place of benefit and blessing, and nothing shall by any means stand in the way of My purposes to fulfill your destiny.

July 3, 2018.   The Father says today, adopt the ascension mentality of My throne.  Put on the mind of Christ for the mind of Christ will never be overthrown or put down in any way by anything or anybody.  You are one with Me, and I AM one with you.  As the Father and the Son are one with the Spirit and one with each other, so you are one with Me.  The enemy cannot penetrate who you are in My Kingdom.  You are one with Me, and as you acknowledge this and experience it, you will know just how powerful your position is in Me.  You are this day positioned to prevail and positioned to overcome as never before.

Take your place in My throne this day, says God.  The invitation is open, and the way is made clear that you might come boldly into your own.  This day I call you seated in heavenly places in My Throne Room, says God.  The enemy can no more successfully assault you than he could unseat Me from My eternal throne.  All hope is yours, says God.  You have now come to know just how deeply you are loved and how broadly you are advantaged in the Father’s family!  You are a privileged child of a loving Father and in nothing will you be defeated or disenfranchised from what I have accorded you by the work of the Cross.

July 2, 2018.   The Father says today, you can never be lonely.  You can never be isolated.  You can never be hurt or destroyed, for I AM  with you and in you to perform My good pleasure.  I came that you might have life and life more abundantly.  Everything and anything in you that suggests an opposing condition is the lie of the enemy.  That lie is fading, and My Glory is reaching saturation in your life to manifest in a moment of time what boundlessness and blessing beyond all imagination looks like.

You are not disqualified, says the Father.  If your heart condemns you just know that I AM greater than your heart and I have the final say.  It matters not that the courts of man’s opinion speak against you, for the gavel has come down in your favor in the courts of heaven.  Your settlement has been reached and ratified by what I did on Calvary.  No more waiting and no more denial for you, says God, for this is your appointed hour of recovery, rescue, and redemption!

July 1, 2018.    The Father says today, you are holy and blameless before Me in love.  Any other perspective comes only from the accuser.  Learn to see yourself as I see you.  When you look at yourself as I see you, then you will experience in a moment of time the incontrovertible fact that AS I AM in the heavens so are you IN THE EARTH.  Because I AM well in the heavens, so you are and will continue to be well on the earth.  Because I am eternally provisioned in the heavens, so you are and will be irreducibly provisioned in the earth.

Break out of time-bound understanding, says the Father.  Rip away the veneer of lies from the enemy’s web that defines you as less than, incapable and unable.  You are not less than.  You are not incapable.  You are not unable.  That is the lie – the destructive element that causes you to fail.  I AM not a failure in the heavens therefore I declare to you and want you to declare in return that you are NOT a failure.  You are not defeated.  You are not one who is conquered.  You are the conqueror and more than a conqueror this day in every challenge that you are facing.


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