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The Father’s Protection from Mistakes — 4 Comments

  1. It is Gods will to save all men. What I think is that even though the King had not made a mistake Abraham had he was the one who lied and the king was the one who had been honest God saved him and his family even though it was Abraham who had lied.
    Some things to think about. It matters how we treat others. We should treat all others as though they were being saved even if they appear as low or less then saved to us. I see so many in the thing we call church and for the most part instead of believing it was God who saved them they somehow are doing him a favor and it was their wise choice that drew them into the kingdom. Maybe the church pew not the true kingdom of God. Some things to think about.

  2. AMEN! Thank You – I RECEIVE..I just ministered to my Prayer partner & Friend that the Lord will bless her mistakes because of Pure Motives of Her Heart! ! HALLELUJAH!

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