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The Fatted Calf Has Been Prepared for Prodigal Nation — 15 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing this, as it causes so many to have a greater hope!  We have prayed much, that the Lord would turn us!  I praise our Lord for this act of mercy and grace that He will soon pour out upon us!

  2. ‘Lord we repent for Britain, a prodigal nation, but Lord have mercy on us.  Forgive our apostate church, hear the cries of your faithful saints, Lord forgive, call Britain back, we are desperate!  Lord have mercy on us!  We humble ourselves before you.’

  3. Thankyou for sharing your vision.  I share your heart for the nations also.  Last week in church I shared a prophetic word of the Lion of Judah arising and calling his people to rise up over the land.  God is calling His people to arise not to listen to the intimidation of the enemy but we have the power of God within us to take the land.
    This Sunday morning I was praying for someone at the altar and the Holy Spirit fell and intercession moved on me powerfully to pray for God to move, a desperation for His supernatural power, for souls, for repentance,healing, deliverance.
    It was a presence of the Holy Spirit I haven’t felt for a long time, a new move of God.  Someone said they saw angels and the glory of God.  We continue to pray for the nations.

  4. Thank you you much for sharing, I sent your messages to my friends in America, they also are encouraged with your messages.

    Bless you

  5. I don’t know how many of these comments you actually read but I wanted to reach out to you because I had a dream last Saturday night that completely lines up with what you have written here. I was unsure how to interpret the dream or who to even ask about what it might even remotely mean. I shared it with a couple of friends and they didn’t really have any wisdom for me either as it was so different from anything we’ve ever experienced. Why I chose this post to read, today, is only God. So, in my dream, there was a multitude of people walking in a huge wide open pasture. I was walking among them. Then all of a sudden it was like flood waters started coming into the land but not rushing waters but more like steams and the water came on pretty quickly. Then as I was watching this happen on my left, a man I did not recognize on my right, tapped me and said, “Look!” and pointed to the sky. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. There were rainbow-like clouds in this one area and then it was like the rainbow opened up the heavens. I saw what I would imagine were angels in bright white and then immediately everyone fell face down, flat on the ground and began to worship and repent, myself included. Then I woke up. This revelation that has been given to you confirms what the spirit has shared with me too. I can feel things being shaken up in my spirit. I would to talk to you a little more about this.

  6. Thank you for this word, I want to tell you that I read you from Guatemala and precisely on Thursday at sunset with my family we saw clouds that looked like rainbows, we had never seen them before.  I know that Guatemala has had a promise from the Lord for a long time and we look forward to its fulfillment.  Thank you for your fidelity in intercession for the nations.  Blessings!!!

  7. Rainbow clouds was over Pennsylvania three years ago it was seen as the day of rainbows as many rainbows burst out clouds all sides and shapes it was double bows over cities a great sight to see as the road I was on I rode to end rainbow to well of fire glory This is my witness of my eyes now
    his glory hovers over that state our King is moving now in air victory its has arrive now as prophet have spoke of 18 state are full of birth of glory. Not boasting it truly happen so many rainbows zig zag one was so awesome Pittsburgh double bow where all could see it

  8. 2 Kings 19:19 Lord I pray you will deliver us from Evil. And that all the kingdoms of the Earth will know that you alone are God.

  9. This posting is so very timely, with the most wicked of world leaders meeting on Halloween in Scotland. G-d bless the righteous in Scotland through the darkness!

    • I Love Scotland my family is from there. God Has Not Finished. My heart is crying out for the United Kingdom and Ireland…Thank You Lord that You Are Moving Across This World. What Door You Open No Man Can Shut. You Sit On The Throne And You Are In Control. I Truly Believe That You Are Revealing The Darkness And That The Church Is Rising Up. All Glory To Your Name

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