Prophetic Word: The Gateway to the Glory of God — 16 Comments

  1. Praise the Lord, the prophetic message which I just go through is the source of spiritual blessing for me, indeed I am blessed.

  2. I claim this prophetic word,last year I lost my job in a mysterious ways,lost a large substantial amount of money I had invested in a business with some people,I also lost mine and documents while traveling on a plane,I don’t know it was removed from my hand luggage. In December after I was jobless I decided to open a cloths shopto sustain me while I figure out what to do the clothes I bought with the initial capital were stolen. I believe this is my season of oped doors the devil has done what he could but my refuge and salvation is in the Lord

  3. On time word confirm something’s God already told me on time God never makes mistakes

  4. I love the daily prophetic word it speak to things I experience or going to experience. I thank GOD for your ministry. Even you books are Blessing.

  5. I believe this comes from the Lord with my conviction I need to hear from God and to receive a prophetic word of God I am in battle of finances I need get out from the debt.

    • Please my family need a breakthrough and the chains of the devil broken, so that our blessings could be released from Heaven.

  6. My wife has been continually sick for the last 17 years and my 2 children have not been able to find their life partners for the last 15 years. Am not able to start the work at the new properties purchased since last 30 years. I feel as if ever6 door is closed to me family. Kindly stand with us in prayer to break this bondage of evil against us.

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