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The Hand of God Over Your City — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for this word. There was a major storm in D.C. Yesterday 7/29, the 210th day of the year. In the KJV Bible the word ‘offering’ is mentioned in 210 verses. As we know the first unacceptable offering was given by Cain. Today, the illuminati is called the ‘children of Cain’. The storm brought down many very large, very old trees (long term leadership coming down). The property of the VP was also taped off because of the storm. Just thought you and others may be interested.

  2. Mary, how I love this revelation! So glad after 10 days of no internet and much injury and turmoil as we sold our house and moved to an apartment, I open HKP and see this post which in so many ways match what I have been hearing about those that see, etc. Thank you for your deep listening and even deeper understanding. Much love, Sandi Holman

    • Oh Sandi!! You have had a very diffcult season of change and so many details with adjusting to life upheavals!! BOY OH BOY DO I UNDERSTAND! I hope that you are able to rest a bit now and gather your thoughts again. Moving is never fun!! What a wild time we are living in right now! The encroaching darkness has ramped up ugly attempts to discourage and break people! I have great compassion for anyone going though hardship right now. Harsh Judgements and opinions are absolutely not the fruit of God’s Holy Spirit! We all have such a harvest field to tend to right now! So much intercession to press into! I know that you completely understand what I am saying here!! I ask the Heavenly Father to give you rest, to touch your body with His strength and to Speak to you clear words of wisdom for the Body of Christ! Much love sent your way Sandi! – Mary Lindow

  3. He often communicates with me on the back of cars/license plates. One time I was at a stop light, not noticing the truck in front of me. I put my head down and prayed that my aunt and mom would be safe on their flight. When I said AMEN and looked up.  The truck in front of me had “NO WORRIES” written on the back window. I was in a fight with my boyfriend. I was again at a stop sign and talking to God. I was so frustrated and said, “why does it always have to be HIS way God??” I looked up and the license plate in front of me said “MyWay”. Another time on the freeway I was concerned about spiritual warfare, I looked up and a van pulled in front of me with the numbers 777-777-7777.  It hit my spirit. Another time I was worried about my then husband driving long distances and sometimes really late.  Again, at a stop light I heard/felt in my spirit “turn off the radio and pray, and do not stop until I say so” so I did, when I would pause the Holy Spirit would nudge me to keep praying.  Then it stopped and I felt peace. The next morning I saw my husband’s car had a huge dent in the hood.  He said “yea, I could have been killed. Something fell from an overpass”.  When I was praying part of my prayer was “protect him on the freeways, highways, bridges, overpasses…”.

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