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  1. Hallelujah Bev! You prayed for me 20 months ago when I was in court fighting to keep my inheritance. Well, just this week I got the court’s ruling completely in my favor with the “thief” even having to return some things he has! My own attorney was amazed at the totality of this sweet victory. God is great. We must not give up!! Thanks again for your prayers all those months ago:)

  2. Bev as I read the Word from 2017, just now there was not a place for me to comment there!

    Maybe a spiritual meaning here, also?

    That time 6 years ago is gone, but still that Word was truth spoken.

    We move on but sometimes must all go back to where we missed God and correct anything possible as a people or as a Nation.

    Just pulling out one quote the Lord spoke to you:

    “Your heartfelt humility and worship of Me will draw Me into you, like a zoom lens.  For I love to hear you worship Me. I love to be in your presence when you worship Me.”

    This Word somehow goes with the Word I posted today on HKP. I wept and I wept as I wrote this morning. It took me days to finish the one note.

    The Beauty of intimacy and Worship…. there is nothing else like it!

    The Remant will hear your message. We press on in Him and encourage one another in His glorious body. Love you sis. ❤️

    • Joyce, Again thank you for your kind & gracious comments. 

      YES, WORSHIP says & does so much in Heaven & on earth. WE could not do without it, as the LORD LOVES IT SO MUCH!!! 

      As we WORSHIP HIM, we push forward in our relationship with HIM, which then often causes the Gates of Heaven to be opened & the treasures waiting for us, to be poured out over us.

      If MORE WOULD WORSHIP HIM, MORE FREQUENTLY & CONSISTENTLY, there would be no room for what has happened here on earth, for it would be SO MUCH MORE LIKE HEAVEN, FILLED WITH MORE LOVE, JOY, PEACE & other WONDERFUL CREATIONS FROM THE LORD.

      So let the nations PRAISE THE LORD, in all HIS MAJESTY & GLORY. Let the Heavens & earth resound with with His pleasure. For HE IS GOOD, WONDERFUL, & KIND.

      BLESSINGS, Bev

  3. Powerful, wonderful word Bev! I hope everyone reads this.

    I’m going go back now and read the Word from 2017. I love your heart sis and friend, as it is a true servants heart!
    Yet you are certainly a friend of God. I love you. Hugs, Joyce

    • Joyce, YOU are so kind & generous of heart. Faithful & True is the BELOVED of the LORD. Thank you so much! May GOD BLESS YOU! Bev

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